In this episode, Neil talks about how Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer game is getting a free-to-play version and also discusses how some Facebook Quizzes are revealing more about you than you probably realise.

The ‘Most Used Words’  Facebook quiz that is currently frequenting a timeline near you has been used by over 17 million people. A company called Comparitech recently discovered that by hitting the submit button, users ended up handing over personal information such as their name, birthdate, hometown, likes, photos, browser version, their friends list and even their IP address to a little-known company in South Korea called VonVon.

If you were stopped on the street and were asked to divulge a vast amount of personal information without any explanation or benefit to a complete stranger with a clipboard, would you hand it over? I suspect that most would walk away shaking their head in disbelief, but why do we continue with this foolish attitude online?

Maybe we should all be a little more cautious when skipping through terms and conditions or privacy warnings. The infamous quick and easy method of signing up via Facebook authentication may seem like a convenient option, but it could end up costing you and your friends much more than you initially realise.

Are these latest findings a big surprise that will make you think twice before taking another online quiz? Or have you long given up warning your friends the dangers of their online habits?

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