569: How Evolv Balances Security, Safety, Flow and Customer Experience

Jul 02, 2018

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how can i buy accutane online In 2013, Mike Ellenbogen and Anil Chitkara set out on a mission to make the world a safer place. They assembled a multi-disciplinary team of experts to identify, invent and apply new technologies to create a solution that meets the challenges in this ever-changing threat landscape. Combining powerful sensors, artificial intelligence, and human IQ, like nothing before it, they created the Evolv Edge security platform. Both scalable and adaptable,

Mosaiq was built for today’s increasingly dangerous world and introduces a proactive approach to security that shatters the status quo. Guided by the belief that everyone has a fundamental right to security, we continue to build on the most advanced threat detection system the world has ever known.

As adversaries shift their focus towards event arenas, threats have shifted from petty crimes and rambunctious conduct to something entirely different. Threats can come from anywhere and as recent security events have shown, it is not unique to any one place. After connecting with security executives at some of the largest sports stadiums and event arenas in the U.S., Evolv believes a risk-based approach to security is critical.

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I invited Mike Ellenbogen, CEO of Evolv Technology onto the show to learn how they are transforming venue security. During today’s conversation we discuss:

  • What needs to be done to keep patrons safe – including providing protection beyond the walls of a building
  • The elements that make up an effective physical security plan
    How by embracing a risk management strategy, venues can focus their most rigorous screening on the 1%, rather than the 99%.
  • How Port Authority police tested the Evolv Edge high-tech body scanner at the World Trade Center PATH station
  • What Gillette Stadium is doing to safely secure its own venue and why a superior visitor experience and security do not need to be mutually exclusive

Today, millions of people are vulnerable to attacks as private facilities, public venues, and the transportation infrastructure have become potential targets. The world needs a security solution that can adapt in this ever-changing threat landscape. I wanted to find out how Evolv is using technology to answer that call with a first-of-its-kind security platform.

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