547: What Is A Customer Data Platform (CDP)? And Why It Matters

Jun 10, 2018

Understanding and engaging with prospects and customers in a maximally relevant, personalized way across digital and human channels is an essential activity for all enterprises. However, most enterprises are only beginning to move from one-to-all or one-to-many customer engagement – using a wide variety of point solutions – to an enterprise-wide, thoughtful approach to customer data and personalization.

Mabe this is why I am beginning to see Customer Data Platforms (CDP) appearing on a regular basis. For example, Gartner published “A Marketer’s Guide to What Is – and Isn’t – a Customer Data Platform” and “How Marketers Can Create a Business Case for a Customer Data Platform” earlier this year. Other industry groups focus on the space too.

The Customer Data Platform Institute, founded in late 2016, also publishes educational materials, news, best practice guides and benchmarks related to CDPs too. Even with the increased awareness and momentum, there’s still some confusion about this category. I invited Karl Wirth, CEO and Co-founder of Evergage onto the show to find out more. We discuss what is a CDP and what isn’t a Customer Data Platform and what a business should be looking to achieve with a CDP.

As businesses increasingly depend on strong customer relationships, Karl also warns on the dangers of settling for a CDP that’s simply a system of record – choose one that is also a system of action. Collect better data and act on it – in the moment – to deliver truly personalized experiences at scale, across channels.

Karl Wirth Evergage Tech Blog Writer Podcast

The CEO and Co-founder of Evergage is passionate about helping businesses deliver maximally relevant 1:1 experiences, Karl leads the company and works closely with clients to drive measurable benefits from real-time personalization.

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