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Our endless quest to unlock productivity often falls at the first hurdle thanks to the daily deluge of emails waiting for us every morning as soon as we open our eyes. Have you ever questioned why you delete unread newsletters or website subscriptions, only to repeat the process the following day?

The more organised amongst you reading this will happily tell you how simple it is to just scroll to the bottom of those unwanted emails and click the unsubscribe link. If no such option exists the ruthless will gain a small slice of revenge by reporting it as spam, but for most of us it’s too late and time-consuming to do this individually after years of foolishly hitting the subscribe button with wild abandon.

I am the first to admit that I am a little OCD where smartphones are concerned, and the sight of a notification number above an app is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat. I also find it quite difficult watching a colleague with a mail icon on their smartphone showing hundreds or even thousands of unread messages.

Many have given up reaching inbox zero years ago, and even a file everything’ mentality won’t stop the influx of messages that you signed up to receive in a moment of madness on a cold and wet Thursday afternoon in 2003. Countless online resources will advise how to manage your e-mail more efficiently using a few tips and tricks, but they all require the time that we are have become incredibly protective of.

However, there is a new sheriff in town in the form of an IOS app called unroll.me(Android users can use the web app) that brings a Tinder-rescue way of cleaning up your inbox by just swiping to unsubscribe and undo years of damage within a few minutes. For example, I somehow have notched up 167 email subscriptions of newsletters, social media alerts and stores that I brought a Christmas gift from in back in 2007 and all have now gone forever after only 5 minutes of swiping.

Unroll.me compatible with the usual suspects Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, iCloud, and outlook.com and a recent press release reports that those who use the app receive a massive 70 percent drop in their e-mail.

The app is an incredibly easy way to regain control of your inbox by following the simplistic swiping options and certainly makes you wonder why it has taken this long for something like this to arrive on the scene.

By simply swiping left you can unsubscribe from the email subscriptions you don’t want and no future emails from these senders will land in your inbox ever again

Waking up in the morning and not having to delete a mountain of emails is certainly a blessing. However, this new super efficient method of decluttering inboxes of newsletters will be seen as a curse to freelancers and entrepreneurs who are desperately trying to build email lists to increase their following or promote a product.

Many will fear this emerging change in habits will also stop the ageing online practice of building an emailing list in the belief that more emails = more traffic = more sharing = more emails. Some might argue that if nobody was reading these emails anyway, then the system was broken and those providing quality content should not notice too much difference over the next few months.

If you are heavily reliant on your mailing lists directing traffic to your site whether you are a small business or a large corporation, your old methods are simply not going to cut it for much longer. If users can remove all email subscriptions with a handful of swipes, you could find yourself with a fight on your hands.

While the recent headlines concentrate on the overwhelming positives for e-mail users, there is a flip side to this virtual coin that should also act as an early wake-up call for businesses. While users are celebrating a 70 percent drop in emails, what does this mean for the subscription figures on your next email marketing campaign?

Failure to heed this particular warning and not stepping up your content game by ensuring all electronic communication is relevant or offers real value to customers will make it very difficult to survive this growing trend of mass removal of marketing messages.

If you received a copy of your business newsletter or mass mailing, can you honestly say you wouldn’t swipe left to remove it from your life forever if you used an app such as unroll.me?

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