Neil looks at the tech and apps available to bring Halloween into the 21st century.

Who are you gonna call when an apparition of a terrifying flying clown haunts your neighbourhood?

Google Frightgeist helpfully allows you to to see what costumes are trending in your area obtained from Google Trends 3-billion searches. Predictably Harley Quinn and anything Star Wars related will be incredibly popular this year as fans get their geek on.

The ubiquitous selfie and the sticks that accompany them will be hitting the streets in full force, and there are a few apps such as Vampire Me that allow you to capture your inner bloodsucking vampire. However, the fact vampires do not have a reflection seems to have been conveniently left out of the app description.

When it comes to the afterlife, vampires might seem a little lame to zombie obsessed millennials but thankfully there is no shortage of apps for fans of the Walking Dead to quite literally zombify yourself for the ultimate Halloween selfie.

Meanwhile, GhostCam allows you to spice up your photos by placing ghostly figures in the background to add a little authenticity to those late night spooky stories.

Scare Cam enables you to trick your friends into performing an eye test only to flash a scary pic on-screen and film their reaction to share their lack of nerve on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you wanted to add a 21st-century angle to the spooky stories around a campfire, there are a wealth of ghost story podcasts available on Stitcher that will certainly be responsible for a few sleepless nights. Meanwhile, gamers might prefer to enter the world of Silent Hill with the lights off or sample one of the many scary titles at their disposal.

However, if you feel that the whole day is complete nonsense, you can point your telescope to the skies and watch an asteroid larger than the Empire State building hurtling past the earth aptly named ‘Spooky

The show also contains a must-listen interview with the creators of Rindle that allows you to manage your increasingly growing list of productivity apps such as Gmail, Slack, Trello, GitHub, Basecamp, WunderList, etc. in one place.

Rindle empowers you to stream information from the tools you already use, automatically generate tasks, and move them through your workflow.

Being able to organise all your tasks in one place is something I am quite excited about and urge all my listeners to sign up to the early beta before it closes. I have a feeling we will see great things from Rindle in the near future, so remember who told you about it first.


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