190: DroneDeploy Offers Cloud-Based Software and Big Data Analytics to Bring Drones to the Enterprise

Feb 09, 2017

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source link DroneDeploy is an aerial mapping, image capture, and data analytics platform that is bringing drones to the Enterprise. The cloud-based software is enabling simple and reliable drone operations. Users can now create maps & 3D models in two clicks with ver 8 million acres served in 130 countries, I had to find out more.

In a week where the appearance of a 300 strong fleet of Intel’s Shooting Star GPS-controlled drones overshadowed Lady Gaga’s spectacular halftime show forming the shape of the American flag, it seems we have dramatically underestimated this technology.

There is much more to drone technology than marketing videos, drone deliveries, and all those other tech headlines. Did you know drones are already saving businesses both time and money? For example, with DroneDeploy’s platform and sophisticated DroneDeploy App Market tools, growers are making more informed decisions to:

  • Crop scout to detect parasites and fungi: Drone mapping helps pinpoint the location and extent of plant health issues, which are illustrated through the DroneDeploy dashboard.
  • Generate variable rate prescriptions for nitrogen and pesticides: Drone-generated zoned shapefiles from DroneDeploy can be exported into popular farm software to generate variable rate prescriptions for nitrogen, pesticides and other targeted nutrient applications.
  • Negotiate fair crop loss percentages: Annotated crop health maps, which provide a more accurate picture of crop loss versus the traditional method of walking through small sections of damage, help users with insurance requests and recoup crop losses.
  • Assess and clean up after natural disasters: Drone maps can help estimate the extent of storm or tornado damage, and even help when clean-up is needed. A drone map can spot hidden debris, enabling users to plan for more efficient removal.

Whether it be speeding up construction projects, monitoring highway projects and even transforming the world of agriculture, it’s clear there are is more to drones than I initially thought. For example, a combination of a drone and DroneDeploy’s software is helping seed and fertilizer retailers collect and analyze data for each field, crop, and variety they sell.

For anyone that has is thinking of buying their own drone and looking for tips on how to fly out, check out the guide over at Jen Reviews.

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