112: How To Double your MacBook Storage With TarDisk

Sep 21, 2016

As a tech writer, there is one subject I dread bringing up, and that’s anything Apple related. On one side of the fence there’s an army of fiercely loyal Apple fanboys, and on the other hand, there’s an outraged camp of Android and Microsoft users that take great delight in ridiculing and telling you to face to face that Apple products are inferior and overpriced.

I’m going to bravely put my neck on the line here and say after using Window’s for over twenty years I purchased a MacBook Pro and I have no desire to go back. But most MacBook users will admit there is a lack of adequate hard drive space for the money you pay. I wanted to get the guys from TarDisk on the show. TarDisk offers a small solid state device which provides permanent onboard storage for MacBook Air and MacBook Pros through the use of the computer’s SDXC port.

buy modafinil bitcoin Can you tell the listeners a little bit about who you are and what you do?

My name is Pierce Schiller, and I’m the CEO of TarDisk. TarDisk is the world’s first plug and plays hybrid drive. What this means is you can take our chip and stick it into the side of a MacBook, and it will merge (or pair) with your current SSD. What this means is you then form a hybrid drive between the two. This gives you the speed benefits of your current drive combined with the additional storage space that’s offered by the TarDisk itself. We are a storage space add-on or hack for MacBook computers.

Pierce Schiller

Pierce Schiller

http://sclarita.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/\"http:\/\/sclarita.com\/2016\/08\/23\/embezzler-butchery-wall\/\" For anyone who has never heard of TarDisk can you explain what it offers MacBook users?

MacBook computers that have been made over the last few years don’t have the ability to be upgraded. What this means is you go out and purchase one of these $1500 dollar computers, and if you’re like the 80 percent of other MacBook users out there, you probably got the baseline level one. Baseline level MacBook’s come with these puny 120 gigabyte hard drives. They are fast hard drives, but they aren’t very big. What happens is after a year to 18 months your hard drive is full. Then what do you do? That’s where TarDisk comes in. For these machines that by design were created to not be upgradeable TarDisk makes them upgradeable.

http://oceanadesigns.net/images/granite/bianco-sardo/bianco-sardo-t.jpg Your big selling point is doubling the MacBook storage without any tools required. How does that work?

We say doubling or tripling. It depends on what you start with. The way this works is we offer a little flash device which is the TarDisk itself. This is inserted into the computer through the computer’s SDXC port, and that’s where the magic happens. The magic is happening on the back end. Once you pair the TarDisk to the machine itself, we’re able to leverage core storage which is basically a logical volume management system that was built in Linux and is incorporated into OSX. This allows us to operate in that layer between the disc partition and the file management system. From the user’s perspective anyone that pairs or installs TarDisk into their machine will actually realize additional storage space just the way they would realize additional storage space had they spent more money when they first bought their MacBook computer.

Many people listening will be heavily using digital storage now which is Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. If you’re honest especially if you’re a MacBook user it can actually slow you down. What is the speed performance of TarDisk and how does it compare?

When you compare to the cloud, this is hands down faster. We are offering data made available locally versus the cloud which number one you need access to the internet which is obvious. Most internet connections that would get you access to all these online cloud drives are downloading at 30 megabytes a second on average. That’s not going to give you access to the performance you need if you’re editing video files or editing audio files or if you are a photographer needing access to a large number of your photos.

teva-hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg tab What size options are there how much do they cost and where can people purchase them from?

TarDisk comes in two sizes either to double or triple your storage space. We have a 128 gigabyte at about $149 dollars and have a 256 gigabyte at $399 dollars. You can order them directly from our website at www.tardisk.com, or you can order them from Amazon, and if you want ten percent off use the coupon code TechBlogWriterPodcast on our website and we will be sure to hook you guys up.

For anyone listening who wants to follow you guys on Twitter, find out more information or reach out to a member of your team can you share those details as well?

You can follow us on Twitter @TarDisk. We are on Facebook as well under TarDisk 256, and you can always reach us at askus@TarDisk.com

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