DiversyFund is an alternative investment crowdfunding platform that allows investors to directly fund the development of commercial and residential real estate projects in Southern California. DiversyFund seeks to deliver returns via its self-managed real estate developments overseen by a veteran team of real estate professionals. Currently, it manages over $100 million in real estate investments.

The company also recently announced that it has also surpassed its $1 million Series A financing goal, as investors flock to the innovative platform that is using technology to disrupt alternative investing. The closing of the $1 million tranche of Series A fundraising represents a significant milestone for DiversyFund, which will use the additional capital to further develop online technology and product offerings on the platform.

With another eye on the future, DiversyFund also plans on entering the crypto-currency space by launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as part of its financing plan. An ICO will make it easier for crypto-currency users to invest in DiversyFund and own a crypto-currency that is uniquely backed by institutional-grade real estate assets.

Craig Cecilio is the CEO & founder of DiversyFund and advised “Cryptocurrencies are a disruptive force with unlimited potential as a means of exchange. Cryptocurrency investors have an eye on the future, just as we do, and they are looking for ways to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolios into asset classes with more stability like real estate. We are creating the perfect marriage between industry game-changers like crypto-currency and crowdfunding and tangible real estate assets.”

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I invited Craig Cecilio on the podcast today to share his tech startup story. I wanted to learn more about Craig’s 20 years of experience in the industry and how technology is changing traditional investments. Craig reveals how is setting out to democratize the real estate investment process by making alternative assets available for retail investors with DiversyFund. The crowdfunding platform offers average investors access to institutional-quality real estate investments all through their phone.

As is a frequent speaker on topics surrounding crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, real estate syndication, real estate development, and leadership. We also discuss disrupting old-school investment practices, the rise of crowdfunding, the use of fin-tech in real estate, entrepreneurship and business development.

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