242: Delighted – Gather Customer Feedback Instantly to Improve the Customer Experience

Apr 21, 2017

Companies want continual feedback from customers, but there hasn’t been an easy and automated way to actually get it. Delighted is built around the simple truth that great products come from companies who deeply understand their customers.

see url Delighted is the fastest and easiest way to gather customer feedback and put it into the hands of those who can act on it. Using the Net Promoter System – a single question and an open-ended comment box – Delighted helps companies align customers’ needs with business growth, measure the customer voice over time and keep customers coming back.

Today’s customer journey is spread across various channels, Delighted is making it possible for companies to collect feedback everywhere their customers are within minutes instead of weeks. Bose, Target, Uber and other beloved brands of all sizes are trusting Delighted to collect, distribute and analyze feedback to create more delightful customer experiences.

In this age of the API, the future of success of any startup or solution is often determined by what it can integrate with. Thankfully, the team behind Delighted have this covered. Shopify, Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, Office 365 and a long list of other providers can easily be added.

Our vision is to provide a single unifying platform for people to provide feedback on every product and service they use. We make it easy for the voice of the customer to be captured, analyzed over time and applied across an organization so that businesses can take action on the feedback. Adding these new feedback platforms allows our customers to reliably gather feedback from both customers and prospects.

I invited Caleb Elston, Co-founder & CEO at Delighted onto the show to find out more about how Delighted is helping businesses continuously improve the customer experience.

Caleb Elston - Delighted

Caleb Elston

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