On my podcast, I enjoy talking to a wide range of eclectic guests across multiple industries that all share the similar traits. Even areas that people wouldn’t traditionally associate with technology are going through a digital transformation of sorts. Deeper, UAB is a Lithuanian startup that designs, develops and produces smart electronic devices for sports and outdoor activities. Its smart products are now sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

The extended product line is delivering a collection of innovative technologies, including extended casting distance and increased depth range, internal GPS receiver, and other valuable data points, turning anglers smartphones or tablets into advanced sonar system. But, can technology really transform the ancient art of fishing?

Deeper’s first product, a smart wireless sonar for anglers, revolutionized fishing, receiving numerous awards and widespread praise from the angling community. In 2016, the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro + won the Innovation Award for best Wireless Handset Accessory at the at CES, the world’s biggest consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas.

The Deeper Sonar is a smart tool that connects to your smartphone, bringing 21st-century technology to the ancient art of fishing. It creates a symmetry between modern technology that people are using on a daily basis and leisure time also, adding a new aspect to outdoor pursuits.

The Sonar is an incredibly smart piece of kit, small enough to fit in your hand and light enough to be used on a rod. It has also been used by firefighters/police to locate objects such as cars that have been lost below the surfaces of lakes. It is not just a fishing accessory but an important tool allowing anyone to map bodies of water and see below the surface.

Deeper’s passion for innovation and commitment to finding the optimum solutions for its customers led to it receiving the award for Lithuania’s Most Successful High-Tech Company from the country’s President. As someone that is passionate about sharing tech stories from all over the world, I invited Nazim Tchagapsov from Deeper onto the podcast to learn more about their story.

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