No one ever discusses how expensive AI programs are to run. Did you know that AI enterprises need to spend on average 30% of their funding in computing power equipment? For example, think about how much it would take to develop a Siri-like smart speaking device, you’ll need all types of algorithms that will need to be integrated with high-quality data and go through countless pieces of training in order to create the model of your AI product and most importantly, they need TONS on computing power.

We sit on tons and tons of healthcare data around illnesses, treatments (which drugs work best), cancer early detections, drug costs, etc. BUT why isn’t the industry creating more AI platforms to spot and cure diseases easier by linking all datasets? The Cost. Today, I chat with Dr. Wang, who has been in the AI space for over 20 years and now works at a blockchain company trying to unite the healthcare industry and run more AI programs.

The company is called DeepBrain Chain, and they’re leasing server spaces at major tech companies via smart contacts, which allows companies to run AI programs at a 70% discount. SingularityNET also recently announced a partnership with DeepBrain Chain to create an open & democratic AI future.

Dongyan Wang is the Chief AI Officer, Executive VP of DeepBrain Chain Silicon Valley AI + Blockchain Research Center. Dr. Wang has almost 20 years of Silicon Valley experience in artificial intelligence, business intelligence and data science, leading world class, industry award-winning, global high-tech organizations as senior executive for Global Fortune 500 enterprises (Cisco, NetApp, Midea Group, Samsung) and a successful startup. He has extensive experience in AI platform, AI products, AI business applications, advanced analytics, data science, big data using fantastic Data integration tools, and a great variety of cloud and on-premise enterprise applications.

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With Blockchain, companies can track where their data is going who it is being used by and charge a fee create ongoing revenue. We discuss how between solving the data sharing issue and the high cost of AI computing, blockchain will play a significant role in the future of healthcare.

The Vision of DeepBrain Chain is to provide a low-cost, privacy, flexible, safe and decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform. They believe that smart contracts are likely to be an important solution to future threats of artificial intelligence and their aim is to implement safe ways for users to employ AI without the threat of human destruction in the future.

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