754: So, You’ve Got A DAO, Management For The 21st Century

Jan 25, 2019

So, You’ve Got A DAO, Management For The 21st Century is a guide which covers the mindset, the skillset, and the communication skills every leader needs in this new world of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

Marco Houwen and Grace Rachmany are trainers of leadership in
the crypto space. They are passionate about merit-based staking and how to instill a culture of leadership and responsibility throughout the organization.

The subject of DAO-Leadership is something that fascinates me and the guide covers the essential challenge an ICO faces after raising the money, the execution, and the delivery. The promise of blockchain and distributed ledger technology is a world where people take back control over their own money, identity, and data.

As an expression of this promise, organizations in the blockchain space are aiming to create Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO), foundations and even decentralized and distributed companies. We can already see the solutions are somewhat clunky. Hard forking of a cryptocurrency protocol is hardly a replacement for democracy. Having everyone in an organization responsible for whatever they want isn’t much of a solution either.

The result is a high level of inefficiency, whether that expresses itself as multiple bitcoin currencies or companies that are unable to respond to customer emails efficiently. We’re also seeing some telling signs of centralization, such as the concentration of cryptocurrency holdings and mining operations.

Tech Blog Writer Podcast Marco Houwen and Grace Rachmany

I invited Marco and Grace onto my daily tech podcast to find out more about how this handbook provides the elements of leadership that are needed for a distributed form of governance for foundations, companies, and perhaps, one day, governments.

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