489: CryptoMove – The Moving Target Defense Data Protection Platform

Mar 24, 2018

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source url CryptoMove is a cybersecurity startup led by a father-and-son team that recently raised $6 million in a Series A funding round After years of stealth R&D, CryptoMove launched in 2017 and already is working with paying customers in the Fortune 100, Fortune 50, and Fortune 20, as well as federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security. Although CryptoMove’s name might make it sound like it’s yet another cryptocurrency startup, the company’s technology has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies or blockchains.

Security is a key challenge for smart cities, stemming from massive proliferation of data collected, insecure systems that can be hijacked, as well as a generally larger attack surface. The decentralized edge secure data protection platform fundamentally changes the way data is secured in smart cities. It also aims to protect data with dynamic movement, mutation, fragmentation, and re-encryption.

Essentially, the company offers a decentralized data vault that protects data with dynamic movement, mutation, fragmentation, and re-encryption. With any algorithm. In any environment. CryptoMove’s datastore is a fundamental innovation in data protection. Moving target defense flips the asymmetry between adversaries and defenders.

I invited Michael Burshteyn – CEO & Founder of CryptoMove onto the show to learn more about the “Moving Target Defense Data Protection Platform.”

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