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Conga is the leader in end-to-end digital document transformation. From collaboration and creation, through contract management and negotiation, to agreement and e-signature, the Conga Suite has set the standard for automating business productivity and CRM investment through end-to-end digital document transformation.

The company is on a simple mission to futurize. digitize, maximize and simplify documents, contracts, and eSignatures with their suite of services. The Salesforce Platinum ISV Partner produces the highest volume downloaded paid app on the entire AppExchange. In fact, more than 900,000 users in 85 countries across virtually all industries rely on Conga applications to drive digital document transformation, including Hilton Worldwide, Schumacher Group, and CBRE.

Jason Gabbard, Head of AI Strategy at Conga joins me on my daily tech podcast. I wanted to learn more about his journey and his transition from law to technology. We discuss Conga’s digital document transformation suite, and the release of Conga AI Analyze, a new product that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to unlock actionable business insights from digital documents and contracts.

After experiencing the problems of document management in my former IT career, I am particularly excited to learn more about how technology can help modernize businesses through digital document transformation.

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