384: RetailTech – How The Future of Retail Involves AI, Chatbots & Robots

Nov 15, 2017

RetailTech company CommerceHub is a distributed commerce network connecting supply, demand and delivery that helps retailers and brands increase sales by expanding product assortments, promoting products on the channels that perform, and enabling rapid, on-time customer delivery. In the past year, their stock price has a lot doubled and they are rapidly growing. Their clients include: Walmart, QVC, Best Buy and Toys”R”Us to name just few.

For almost 20 years, CommerceHub has been providing cloud-based technologies and services that enable retailers to radically expand their product offering without inventory risk. The company also makes it possible to achieve 100% compliant integration to any product source, and provides all of the tools necessary to ensure total control over fulfillment, as if the goods were actually owned and shipped by the retailer.

The revealing fact that client data suggests retailers see an average 12% increase in sales for every 10% increase in the number of unique products highlights why so many big retailers are working closely with CommerceHub. I invited CEO, Frank Poore onto the show to talk about how AI and robots are the future of retail. We also discuss how CommerceHub is disrupting the e-commerce ecosystem and what the future of retail will look like.

Frank is responsible for the company‘s overall vision, strategy and execution. After founding CommerceHub in 1997, Frank led the company from initial concept through its establishment as an industry leader, selling CommerceHub to Liberty Interactive in 2006. In 2013 Frank returned as CEO to transform the business  from a data logistics company to a merchandising and fulfillment platform. In between, Frank pioneered the use of mobile technology in the music industry, launching successful apps for Kenny Chesney and major music festivals.

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