322: How Cloudinary Simplifies Web Design Complexities With End-to-End Image and Video Management

Aug 22, 2017

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source site Cloudinary was founded in 2011 by a group of high-tech veterans who have worked on a huge variety of web projects during the past two decades and got tired of implementing the same image management solutions over and over again.

Throughout the years, they had experienced the evolution in web development frameworks first hand, from crude tools to cutting edge platforms. Nowadays, we can quickly build impressive, fast, scalable and affordable web applications you could have only dreamed of in the past.

However, the team at Cloudinary still found themselves spending considerable R&D time managing their services’ images. They never managed to free enough time to perfect their image management solutions. So, they decided to take the time and build a service that would offer an end-to-end solution to an application’s entire image-related needs, by developers for developers. Exactly as they had always envisioned it. This is how Cloudinary was born.

The CEO + CTO (Co-Founders) are hard core developers at heart, and the solution they developed is an end to end image management platform (for developers and businesses) that has a full suite of capabilities. From social (SnapChat to Instagram) to shopping (Amazon, Walmart) we live in a visual world. And imagery is helping to drive a visual economy (people see, click and buy).

Cloudinary enables users to manipulate images dynamically to fit any graphics design. Apply effects, resizing, cropping, face detection, watermarks and tons of image processing capabilities.

Itai Lahan
I invited Itai Lahanm, the Co-Founder, CEO of Cloudinary onto the show to find out more.
Itai has been managing software teams for the past 18 years, holding executive positions in VC-backed startups. Itai founded several technology companies including Ndivi, a boutique Israeli-based dev shop.

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