Cloudeo – is a unique portal for all those who create, interpret and use Geodata. It offers to its customers a secure and highly scalable geo infrastructure to develop, produce and market geo services. It brings data, software and processing power together within a private cloud service and a certified hosting environment. The Munich-based startup is an exciting new player in the geospatial industry and was founded back in 2012.

Within Cloudeo’s geo collaboration platform content providers, software developers, service providers and geodata users become partners within one ecosystem providing affordable geo services for commercial applications. Cloudeo operates a unique, vendor independent and data agnostic geo-marketplace, lowering the entry barriers for all stakeholders of geospatial ecosystems: providers of data, application developers and consumers.

World-leading content and software providers contribute to an innovative geo-infrastructure that combines data, software, analytics and apps on a highly scalable IT.

Dr. Manfred Krischke

Dr. Manfred Krischke is Co-Founder and CEO of Cloudeo an innovative cloud-based collaboration platform and marketplace for Geo-services. In 2011 he led the consortium to buy the assets of RapidEye (5 satellites constellation) out of the insolvency and was interim CEO for the restructured company.

I invited Dr. Manfred Krischke onto this daily tech podcast to learn how they are bringing together all those who create, interpret and use geodata.

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