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Starting in the early 90s, Citrix established themselves as the key solutions provider that pioneered secure remote access, to securing app delivery on different endpoints. In the 2000s, this evolved into enabling enterprise mobility. Here in 2019, the company is on a mission to create a true digital workspace that addresses the pain point/demands of end-users and IT admins.

Our world has been transformed by technology. There are now more devices and applications in the enterprise. So what does this mean for the future of work? Citrix Workspace is aimed at changing the way people work in the new workforce. The goal of the Citrix Workspace and the Workspace with intelligence was unveiled at Citrix Synergy 2019 and ensure end-users are using technologies that make them more productive.

What does this mean for you and your business? I have joined forces with Citrix Ready to interview Citrix partners and learn how together they are building the future of work. On today’s episode, I interview Nitin Sharma from Citrix and Trentent Tye from ControlUp.

About Nitin Sharma

Nitin Sharma is a leader in product and solutions marketing strategy at Citrix. He is responsible for designing and executing global, companywide go-to-market strategies for digital workspace solutions. With a passion for solving business problems with technology solutions, he has held various solutions sales and marketing roles—targeting audiences at all levels: executive, line of business, and IT.

Nitin Sharma - Citrix Ready Podcast

Trentent Tye

Trentent Tye was first introduced to Citrix in 2011. Originally an Active Directory administrator, seeing Citrix XenApp in action was immediately engaging and he sought to know more. Applying for a Citrix position with no Citrix experience, Trentent became a Citrix Administrator by promising to become an expert efficiently.

From here, he was introduced to complementary technologies like Microsoft’s App-V and UE-V and became a Microsoft MVP in 2015. He achieved the Citrix CTA designation in 2017 to highlight his prowess in Citrix technology and then achieved the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) in 2019. After experiencing the challenges in Health Care and Oil and Gas environments, Trentent joined ControlUp to further his passion for making people’s lives better.

Trentent Tye ControlUp - Citrix Ready Podcast

About Citrix Ready

The Citrix Ready technology partner program offers robust testing and verification for joint Digital Workspace, Networking, and Analytics solutions. After a robust testing process, validated partner solutions are listed in the Citrix Ready Marketplace, giving customers and channel partners a simple and effective way to explore and select Citrix Ready verified solutions–increasing confidence while reducing risk.

About ControlUp

IT management is crowded but is ready for a revolution. There are literally dozens of products that help monitor or analyze an IT infrastructure. Only ControlUp focuses on what matters most: Being able to easily find the root cause of IT issues, remediate directly from its UI vs. having to rely on several tools, and strategically analyze historical resources, usage, and issues data.

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