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In this episode, we delve into the strategic importance of application security. Sandeep Johri, with his rich experience at Checkmarx, sheds light on this domain’s multifaceted challenges and opportunities. We discuss how vulnerabilities in applications can erode customer confidence and pose significant regulatory challenges.

Checkmarx stands out in this landscape with its comprehensive application security platform, CX1, which provides holistic coverage of AppSec. This sets them apart from competitors who may only focus on one or two areas. But what truly enhances Checkmarx’s capabilities is the integration of Artificial Intelligence. AI not only accelerates the ability of developers to fix vulnerabilities but also enables Checkmarx to proactively detect emerging threats, particularly those arising from AI systems themselves.

A key theme of our discussion is the communication of AppSec value to corporate boards. Johri emphasizes the importance of maturity assessment models and risk quantification in presenting a clear picture of AppSec status and priorities. This strategic approach offers a roadmap for improvement and a tangible understanding of ROI in application security.
However, technology is just one piece of the puzzle. We delve into the human aspect – training developers in AppSec. Here, Checkmarx’s integrated “Codebashing” modules come into play, offering quick, context-relevant tutorials for developers to address vulnerabilities efficiently.

Illustrating the impact of these strategies, Johri shares success stories from Checkmarx’s engagements, notably with large banking institutions, where they’ve assisted in swiftly prioritizing and eliminating vulnerabilities. Many of these clients began with relatively immature AppSec processes, underscoring the transformative potential of Checkmarx’s approach.

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