211: How Causr Is Creating Meaningful Professional Connections By Networking the World Together

Mar 09, 2017


Whether you’re freelance or full-time, chance encounters with like-minded people can improve all of our working lives. Those would-be connections are often stuck at the same city airport, staring out of the window on the same rainy day commute or hanging around the same city. But call it nerves or simply a lack of dumb luck – all too often those opportunities to make meaningful connections with people you’ve not yet met will pass you by.
That’s where Causr comes in. Causr is a location-based app that introduces its users to others within the local area. It makes finding nearby professionals with similar jobs, interests and ambitions easy. Scroll through a network of users, see who’s free, meet for coffee, share business advice or simply connect. Causr is all about connecting people, pre-planning those random encounters, and making missed opportunities a thing of the past.
Not long ago I was sitting on the Underground in London when someone came and sat in the seat next to me. They were clutching their CV, so I asked them where they’d been and what they were looking for. A few weeks later, we were sat together again, this time in the office of my first established company, Student Beans. Causr’s founder James Eder
“Sometime later, I needed to speak to a specific person from a company. I left the office, was standing on the platform in Golders Green and happened to meet the exact person I needed to meet. I’d simply asked them if our train was coming soon, and it went from there.”
These chance encounters made a real impact on Eder’s working life and it got him thinking about the other opportunities that he and other people must’ve missed over the years, and continue to miss everyday.
That’s the story behind why Causr was created. The idea of manufacturing serendipity, though a challenge, was incredibly appealing. It’s clear that these all-important conversations often don’t happen because people lack confidence, or don’t feel like they have permission to start talking to someone they’ve never met before.

James Eder

Causr sees past that. It’s an enabler – technology that empowers previously unrelated people to connect in real time, face-to-face. It gives people the confidence to start a conversation that may lead to a meaningful opportunity, or simply pass the time and have a chat that might brighten their day.
“Our vision is to create millions of meaningful connections for people nearby all around the world everyday.”  
Recently launched exclusively on the Apple App Store giving people the opportunity to connect with those near by based on 3 things that gives people context, a basic profile including a name, picture and job title, a status update letting people know what you’re looking for, what you need help or what you can help with and finally joining groups to share with others your passions and interest.

After a learning how a Causr user has already generated a £500,000 business deal as a result of using Causr. I invited James Eder onto the show to learn how many other bigger opportunities he has helped create.

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Causr is now live on the App Store

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