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692: Why Demand For Salesforce Skills Are Outpacing Available Talent

New research from 10K Advisors indicates the Salesforce ecosystem may be innovating faster than talent can keep pace, resulting in great career

691: Neil is Back in the UK to Answer Questions From Listeners

As someone that is face down creating, editing and publishing daily podcasts it often feels like hours, days, weeks and even months

690: Huawei Eco-Connect Europe – Walter Ji

Huawei is a global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. With integrated solutions across four key domains

689: How AdBank is Bringing Trust and Transparency to Advertising

Did you know that there is a hacker group receiving five million dollars every day just by generating fake clicks? or that

688: The Tech Start Up Story of 3 Ex-Googlers and Cockroach Labs

Cockroach Labs is the company behind CockroachDB, the SQL database for building global cloud services. With a mission to make data easy,

687: Adobe – Brands Embrace AI to Deliver Personalized Digital Experiences

Brands are speeding up investment in Artificial Intelligence to gain a competitive advantage in delivering personalized customer experiences at scale by 2020 according

686: The Duchess of Silicon Valley – Marylene Delbourg-Delphis

Marylene Delbourg-Delphis was one of the first European women to settle in Silicon Valley. She has affectionately been called the Duchess of

685: Meet AllyO, The End to End AI Recruiter

AllyO is an AI technology company based in Silicon Valley. It was founded in 2016 with a simple mission – make recruiting

684: Farsight Security COO Alexa Raad: ‘Adversity is a Gift’

Alexa Raad, COO of Farsight Security. Alexa escaped the Iranian Revolution as a teenager – she, her mother and sister caught the

683: Meet Gridwise, The Assistant for ALL Rideshare Drivers

Most of us that have caught an Uber or Lyft will know how surge pricing can help increase the driver’s earnings. But

682: How TP-Link Is Evolving With Our Connected Lifestyle

As an early adopter of tech, it’s easy to find yourself with a wide range of hubs and bridges to keep your

681: How South Korea is Helping Bring Blockchain Into The Mainstream

One of the things I am most passionate about when recording this show is how technology is transforming the world and in

680: Magecart Malware – Is It Time to Question the Effectiveness of PCI DSS?

A quick look at the recent news headlines reveals that the payments industry has been under attack. When I delved deeper into

679: Disruptive Analysis With Dean Bubley

Dean Bubley is the Founder of Disruptive Analysis, an independent technology industry analyst and consulting firm. An outspoken analyst & futurist with

678: How Augmented Reality is Bringing Traditional Storytelling To Life

In a digital age where kids have access to tablets and smartphones, traditional books and storytelling are getting a digital twist too. I

677: MOBI Introduce Family of Mobots & New Software Product Features

Mobility Management Software (MMS) leader MOBI recently announced new updates to its software product aimed at connecting all mobile technologies and third-party

676: Type More, Switch Apps Less With Fleksy, The World’s Fastest Keyboard

As someone that spends far too much time on my smartphone, I often get frustrated by having to switch apps when responding

675: How Levy and E15 Leverage Technology to Enhance Guest Experiences

When you are enjoying a sports game in a venue with 40,000 other fans enjoying a hot dog and a cold drink,

674: Zinc: The Tech Serving the Millions of Unsung “Deskless” Workers

 Zinc and Field Technologies Online recently announced findings from a new report “Effective Enterprise Communication: The Foundation Of Strategic Field Service”. It

673: Adding AR, VR, AI and ETH Smart Contracts Into the Creative Process

Taryn Southern, singer/songwriter, filmmaker, and artist, recently announced the release of her pop album titled I AM AI. The first ever musical