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549: DeepBrain Chain – The AI Computing Platform Driven By Blockchain

order cytotec no prescription  No one ever discusses how expensive AI programs are to run. Did you know that AI enterprises need to spend on

548: Guy Kawasaki – Talking Tech, Apple, Steve Jobs, Social Media & Privacy

see  Guy Kawasaki possesses an extensive knowledge of innovation, entrepreneurship, social media, and marketing. First and foremost, he is an evangelist. The term

547: What Is A Customer Data Platform (CDP)? And Why It Matters

go here  Understanding and engaging with prospects and customers in a maximally relevant, personalized way across digital and human channels is an essential

546: The LastPass Psychology of Passwords Report

 LastPass by LogMeIn, recently released findings of a new global survey, “Psychology of Passwords: Neglect is Helping Hackers Win,” revealing that

545: CircleCI CEO Uses Tech To Create A Diverse & Inclusive Culture

 CircleCI is the leading platform for software innovation at scale. With intelligent automation and delivery tools, CircleCI is also used by

544: Oyster Protocol The Cryptocurrency With A Working Product And A Real-World Use

 On today’s podcast, I chat to Chris Garner, Chief Marketing Officer at Oyster Protocol, a website monetization and distributed storage solution

543: How Tech Is Changing The Freelancing and Gig Economy

 Have found yourself wondering if the gig/freelance economy could be for you or how it’s impacting business owners and professionals around

542: The Tech Startup That Will Change The Way You Fill Up Your Gas Tank

 Filld is a mobile fueling service building a highly flexible, scalable, and sustainable last mile infrastructure for vehicle fueling. Today’s retail

541: From The NHL To Tech: ObserveIT CEO On Insider Threats

ObserveIT is a lightweight endpoint solution that helps organizations—particularly large enterprises—identify and eliminate insider threats. They provide detection and prevention to enable

540: How WeGo Health Are Uniting Patient Leaders and Experts

 WEGO Health is on a mission-driven company connecting health care with the experience, skills, and insights. They are the world’s largest

539: How WorkCoin Is Reinventing Freelancing On Blockchain

 Freelance employment makes up 34% of the U.S workforce, contributing 1.4 trillion to the nation’s economy; and it is estimated that

538: Sony Discuss The New 10-inch Sony Digital Paper

 Almost every business in every corner of the globe is exploring business paper saving initiatives. However, certain professions such as legal,

537: ByHours – GPS Tech and the Microstays In Hotels Travel Trend

 On today’s episode, I wanted to find out more about how technology is increasing the demand for a travel trend called

536: New Relic – A Discussion About Digital Transformation and DevOps

 New Relic provides the real-time insights that software-driven businesses need to innovate faster. New Relic’s cloud platform makes every aspect of

535: How AI Tech Startup Audioburst Will Change How You Consume Audio Content

Audioburst is a revolutionary AI-powered audio search platform connecting audio content and users. With the mission of organizing the world’s audio content,

534: The Creative Agency Creating Events To Shout About In London

 After specialising in exclusive events in unique venues throughout the capital, Ben Gamble has helped Shout About London become the creative

533: Aigo – Blockchain Payment Solutions Built By AI and Cognitive Experts

 Wouldn’t we all love to have a personal AI helper that is actually smart and useful, and moreover, one that is highly personalized

532: The Tech Startup Building An ‘Anti Fake News’ Media Platform

 Factmata is a London-based tech startup that uses artificial intelligence to help social media companies, publishers, and advertising networks weed out

531: Adobe Discuss The $1.68 billion Acquisition of Magento

Adobe recently announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Magento Commerce, a market-leading commerce platform, for $1.68 billion. The

530: ChronoBank (Time) Launches LaborX, a Blockchain Based Job Platform

 ChronoBank is reimagining hiring for the blockchain age. Founded and based in Australia following its successful token sale of 5,400 BTC