166: Capital One is on Amazon Echo. Questions? Just ask Alexa.

Dec 18, 2016


source Capital One seem to be leading with technology by recently launching a “how much did I spend?” skill to Amazon Echo. The service is also being rolled out to users of Microsoft Cortana too.

here While other banks have been slow to follow, Capital One continue to lead the way forward. In a digital age frequented by chatbots and virtual assistants, it’s interesting to see only Capital One dominating this space.

The ability to ask “How much did I spend at Starbucks last month” and receive an instant answer without any hassle is a real game changer and an eye opener to those who manage their finances on the go.

Ken Dodelin

I invited Ken Dodelin onto the show to find out more. He leads Capital One’s intelligent, AI-powered virtual assistant and chatbot products, digital messaging products (email, SMS and push notifications), and content management. In collaboration with a talented group of product, tech and design professionals, they build innovative products that drive simplicity and value to customers and Capital One.

In March 2016, he launched the first Amazon Alexa skill to provide customers with financial account access, so I invited him on the show today to find out more about the skills available on Amazon Echo and Microsoft Cortana.

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