383: Cadence13 On How Podcasting Is Evolving With Season 2 Of Up And Vanished

Nov 15, 2017

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enter Up And Vanished is one of the biggest podcasts of 2017. With more than 140 million downloads and hundreds of media stories, surrounding it, fans will be happy with the recent announcement that season 2 is coming in April 2018. With the addition of live events and traditional radio in partnership with Cadence13, it feels like podcasts are evolving.

Cadence13 is building a podcast empire that is becoming known as the Netflix of podcasts. The media company currently develops and distributes some of the biggest podcasts in the industry, such as Pod Save America, The Vertical Podcast with Woj, Origins and Pantsuit Nation.Partnering with the most anticipated podcast of 2018 is another step in elevating the industry overall. But where did it all begin? and how is podcasting evolving?

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Spencer Brown, CEO at Cadence13 story began when he started DGital Media, a digital audio engagement company with his partners in 2015. The creation, distribution, and marketing of spoken word podcasts and audio programs was their goal. Prior to starting DGital, Brown developed and executed the corporate strategy that resulted in Westwood One (formerly Dial Global) becoming the nation’s largest independent creator and distributor of national radio programming.

From inception through 2012 revenue increased from $25 million to over $360 million and employee headcount increased from 40 to over 500 full-time equivalents in over 10 locations across the United States. I invited Spencer onto the show to talk about his vision for the future of podcasts, engagement, and the return of Up and Vanished.

When the leading creator of premium, on-demand audio entertainment, and Tenderfoot TV, (the creators and production company behind Up and Vanished), announced they are partnering for Season 2 of the series there wasn’t too many surprised faces. The investigative podcast explored the unsolved disappearance of Georgia beauty queen and high school teacher, Tara Grinstead, in Season 1.

Host Payne Lindsey, a documentarian turned amateur investigator, is taking on a brand-new case for Season 2, but it won’t launch until April 2018. Together with Cadence13, the Tenderfoot TV team is poised to make Season 2 a highly engaging, informative and interactive experience for a rapidly expanding audience around the globe.

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