379: Bodytrak – The Smart Biometric Sensor Technology With A Difference

Nov 10, 2017

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http://fischerjordan.com/cache/YAkutsk/spravochnik-telefonov-hudzhanda.html We have all heard about wearable tech fitness trackers that count steps etc. But I recently came across a new product that’s taking things to an entirely new level. Bodytrak is a new hearable solution that combines traditional audio functionality with biometric monitoring. It uniquely measures, accurately and in real time, core body temp (CBT) and heart rate (HR). The device also obtains values for heart rate variability, VO2  and motion metrics, which all help provide information for their embedded algorithms.

This is where the startup is aiming to provide real differentiation (beyond the CBT measurement) from other companies in this space by also providing real-time data analytics that utilizes machine learning, providing insights into each individual users wellbeing status.

For example, for firefighters, they are able to provide real-time monitoring of heat injury (or heat stress), levels of fatigue for long distance drivers and man down type solutions that not only look at the body position but also provide real-time biometrics and communication channels to understand key issues and provide appropriate assistance.

I immediately thought this new technology would be perfect for elite athletes and sporting teams. But what I love about Bodytrak is that they also understand what a game changer it could be for health and safety. After hearing about their ambitious plans I invited Leon Marsh, Founder & CEO, Bodytrak onto the show to find out more about its potential to be a game changer.

Bodytrak - Tech Blog Writer Podcast

Bodytrak was conceived and invented by the team at London-based Inova Design Solutions. Inova is a disruptive technology company at the forefront of the rapidly expanding global market of wireless body sensors and data analytics. Essentially, it’s  an Internet of Things solution providing highly accurate sensor technology and advanced cloud-based analytics to enable optimum health, well-being, and performance.

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