Blogging Your Way To Thought Leadership on LinkedIn in 2016

Dec 30, 2015
administrator Thought leadership and personal branding are often thought of as the perfect partnership for anyone traveling on the road to future success. Although the terms themselves might be somewhat cliched the ability to separate yourself from 7 billion people worldwide by sharing your ideas with professionals within your industry with your unique and authentic voice is more important than ever.ĹžovĂˠHowever, before you can stand out from the crowd and showcase how respected, connected, trusted and knowledgeable you about your industry you have a whole heap of work to do by publishing content about key issues, trends and talking points within your industry that will also help build your network.

buy Pregabalin in uk Luckily, LinkedIn offers you all of the tools to make this a seamless process. All you need to bring to the table is your thoughts, opinions and solutions that will change the way people think about your industry and your audience is already ready and waiting. Equally, those who comment on the published articles will also challenge your own thought process as you continue to grow.

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Technology, for example, is something that dominates every aspect of our lives, and yet there seems to be a huge communication problem and lack of understanding of how tech works outside of a traditional IT department. The ability to discuss important issues affecting businesses right now in a language that everyone can understand while offering a different approach is a skill that should not be underestimated.

One of the most neglected skills of building networks and influence is the ability to know when to put yourself on the back burner and support those on a similar journey to yourself. The lessons you all learn along the way are possibly the most important of all and hammers home the point that personal branding and thought leadership is not always about you but how much you give back to others around you.

There is a great quote by Warren Buffett, who said “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful” I translate this to go in the opposite direction to everyone else. A thought leader will never be seen jumping on the bandwagon singing from the same hymn sheet as everyone when they have positioned themselves as someone who enjoys changing the thoughts and ideas of their chosen industry.

Realistically, you will need to have written at least 30 blog posts under your belt around critical areas within your industry before you begin to stand out as an expert in your chosen field. However, this is where the magic happens, and you can start to reap the benefits from your handwork as the network of fellow experts you have surrounded yourself with begin commenting and sharing your work.


Once a few of your posts have gone viral, and you find yourself as a mini celebrity within your niche, you will find that your ideas, theories and solutions will be shared throughout the world, but only a fool would sit pretty on their throne looking down at those below. When you obtain the success you aimed for, it becomes, even more, important to share, comment and speak with those engaging with your work or asking for advice.

If you can make ideas understood to a broad audience and keep your ego in check by working with others within your industry your personal branding and thought leadership dreams will take care of themselves. Although your unique, authentic voice holds the key to your success, the biggest lesson to learn along the way is that it won’t always be about you.

Bringing value to your readers, professionals and business executives by discussing the latest trends or solutions to problems experienced in their industry through timely content while also helping others is incredibly rewarding too.

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If you are looking to establish online thought leadership on LinkedIn and do not have time to commit to several blog posts a week about your industry, I provide a strictly confidential ghostwriting service for users and LinkedIn Influencers. Please contact me for more information.


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