After spending a week talking about unique real-time personalized digital experiences at the Adobe Summit, I felt it was my duty to also explore privacy in a digitally obsessed world. BestVPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) comparison website and privacy advocate. They review the best VPN services to make sure everyone is getting the best deal possible on the internet.

Since 2013 Best VPN have been committed to three primary principles:

  1. Reviewing and comparing the top VPN packages available to assist everyone to make an informed decision about what Virtual Private Network deal is most suited to their needs.
  2. Informing and educating everyone they can about the importance of online privacy and staying safe on the internet.
  3. Updating everyone with the most up-to-date news regarding cybersecurity & legislation regarding the invasion of privacy online.

Best VPN clearly care about people’s freedom online and want everybody to be able to enjoy the internet away from the prying eyes of government surveillance. On today’s daily tech podcast, I have invited Jo O’Reilly from BestVPN to discuss a variety of topics around privacy.

Tech Blog Writer Podcast

Jo has an extensive background in the intersection of data privacy and everyday women-focused issues and also wrote her dissertation on how to use social media to empower women. We discuss the prevalence of cyberstalking in today’s online first approach to dating and also in-app dating and social media’s impact on dating. We also explore privacy tech for the empowerment of women in today’s political climate.

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