Co-CEOs, can this concept ever work? According to research, the answer is no – it almost never works. According to Paul Kenyon and Mark Austin, the answer is yes – it’s the only way Avecto would have achieved the success it has to date, securing 8 million endpoints. The two have been running Avecto together in cohesion for the past decade, but this isn’t their first time leading together.

Mark and Paul worked together as co-founders of the company AppSense. While they didn’t know exactly what technology they wanted to create for their next company, they did know that for their next endeavor the only way it would work is if they were Co-CEOs. Paul and Mark both believe the most successful leaders find their opposite and learn from them every day.

I invited them onto the show today to learn more about their tech startup story and explore the concept of Co-CEOs and how Paul and Mark have made this structure successful.

Mark Austin: leads Avecto’s research and development teams, driving the company’s constant innovation. He has a background in software engineering and over 25 years of industry experience in all things technical. Along with co-founder Paul, Mark was named EY Technology Entrepreneur of the Year in the North for 2014 and EN Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015.

Paul Kenyon: is in charge of Avecto’s sales and marketing division. Paul is responsible for promoting the benefits of simple and smart endpoint security to global businesses. He has a background in commercial challenges, with over 800 global brands to draw experience from. In 2016, Paul was named North West Director of the Year by the Institute of Directors, adding to a growing list of business accolades.

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