Aurora Labs is pioneering Self-Healing Software™ for connected cars to enable OEMs to proactively respond to future vehicle software architectures, processes, and services. Agile user-centric software development processes create a plethora of continuous opportunities and risks for the OEMs, even after the car has left the production line.

Aurora Labs’ Line-Of-Code Maintenance™ technology uses machine learning algorithms to uniquely address all three stages of a software health solution, future proofing the next generation of software-driven automotive features. The company has also been named a Cool Vendor by Gartner Inc. in their October 2018 report: “Cool Vendors in Automotive and Smart Mobility”, authored by leading Gartner analysts Carsten Isert and Jonathan Davenport.

The report highlights new and innovative vendors that use AI-powered solutions with the potential to transform the mobility market. Aurora Labs, one of only four companies identified as a Cool Vendor in the report, enables automotive manufacturers to proactively respond to future vehicle software architectures, processes, and services in order to bring vehicles to market faster, today.

According to the report “Software and AI are becoming increasingly fundamental not only to vehicle operational performance but also as the primary interface for systems that frame the user experience. The software age in the automobile is leading to an explosion of innovation around the car.”

I invited Roger Ordman, Executive Vice President of Marketing, Aurora Labs onto my tech podcast to talk about their Self-Healing Software for cars.

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Roger Ordman is the Executive Vice President of Marketing at Aurora Labs. With over 20 years’ experience in Marketing and Product Management, Roger has brought diverse technologies, products and services to market such as Self-Healing Software, OTA Updates, Remote Device Management and Cyber Security.

Prior to Aurora Labs, Roger served as Marketing Director at HARMAN/Redbend where he was instrumental in developing the core products and leading the market shift from mobile to automotive. Roger is a frequent speaker on emerging trends in automotive software management and cybersecurity.

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Tech Blog Writer Podcast

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