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On this daily tech podcast, I have interviewed people in over 50 different countries about how technology is transforming every industry. Everyone from startup founders, business leaders, tech leaders, CEOs along with celebrities such as William Shatner and Wendy Williams have shared their story.

However, I recently thought, what about the people that are making a difference in the world of tech that we don’t always get to hear? What about those inspirational stories that can inspire people to kickstart their career in tech too. In this episode, I want to explore one of those stories.

Arpan Sheth is a detail-oriented software development manager with experience building systems supporting millions of users. At Twitter, he leads engineering teams that build user-facing ad products that help Twitter generate hundreds of million dollars in revenue. Arpan likes to forge strong stakeholder relationships and lead, motivate, and influence his teams to deliver high-quality software products. He has deep experience in building consumer software products from scratch and scaling it to millions of users.

Before Twitter, Arpan was a Director of Engineering at Saavn for 7 years. His work helped Saavn scale from 200,000 users to almost 100 million users, and he led efforts to build secure and scalable 75+ APIs, subscription systems, web presence across desktop and mobile platforms, voice-enabled device integration with Google Home, Sonos and Amazon Alexa, Programmatic Ad Systems to manage the full ad campaign life cycle, etc.
Arpan Sheth
Saavn was acquired by Indian Telco Jio. Arpan is a senior member of IEEE and has been invited to be a judge at Webby Awards, Stevie Awards, Edison Awards, and SIAA Codie Awards. He holds a Masters degree in Information Management from the University of Washington and holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Arpan lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and daughter. He loves spending time with his family, cooking interesting food, and learning new technologies

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