357: Everything You Need to Know To Build Your Amazon E-Commerce Empire

Oct 17, 2017

price for zetia 10 mg AMZ Insiders is focused on helping new sellers launch their own successful Amazon business. With over $60 million in sales on Amazon per year as a top 50 global seller, they are enjoying phenomenal success.The company was also featured on Worldwide Business hosted by Kathy Ireland for a 30-minute segment about their e-commerce success.

I invited AMZ Insiders, Co-Founder, Jamie Davidson onto the show to learn more about how the incredible growth of e-commerce and Amazon. Jamie is a results-driven, analytical, and innovative e-commerce expert with significant experience driving global $100 million+ P&L results and executing business strategies in the financial, retail, and education industries.

Armed with a proven track record of leading and building highly successful multi-site teams, innovation, driving revenue and operating income growth, and beating the competition. Jamie also has extensive experience and understanding of the US and international e-commerce & education markets (online and offline).

click here On today’s podcast we discuss the following topics:

·     The incredible growth of e-commerce
·     The incredible growth of Amazon
·     The misconceptions people have about selling on Amazon & creating their own Amazon business
·     The biggest mistakes new seller make
·     How much it costs and how much time it takes to create a successful e-commerce business
·     Some of AMZ Insiders best “hacks” to selling on Amazon
·     Insights we gained from their exclusive meeting directly with Amazon recently.
·     The keys to their success as top 50 global sellers on Amazon
AMZ Insiders Tech Blog Writer Podcast
http://brash3d.com/project/cvu/ Jamie’s Story:  After graduating from the United States Military Academy, West Point in 1994, he had what many would describe as a successful corporate leadership path/career including quick promotions, building high performing teams, & consistently taking on higher levels of responsibilities (completed his MBA) both domestically and internationally, and eventually becoming chief executive officer of a national education company.  Jamie’s path seemed to be “successful” but was it really?  he supposed for that time it was, but while many in the corporate world don’t realize it yet, today there is a “new world order”.  

Jamie developed a great friendship with his next-door neighbor, Jason when he moved to the Atlanta area in 2011 his story began. At that point, he began selling on Amazon with his partner Brad.  They decided to bring each of their unique Amazon expertise’s together in an effort to help others learn from our struggles and successes along the way to selling over $60 million per year on Amazon. They have a passion for teaching and helping others succeed.  

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