At the Adobe Summit this year, there was a simple message, “People are buying experiences, not products.” We now care less about the transaction and more about the relationship. When I found that Dirk Erat from Airbus was at the Summit this week, I jumped at the chance to grab a quick chat with him for today’s show.

Dirk is the Head of Communications for Airbus Defence and Space, so I want to find out more about how they are using cutting-edge technologies to make their products safer, smarter and more connected. Airbus is a European multinational corporation that designs, manufactures and sells civil and military aeronautical products worldwide – with roughly 180 locations and 12,000 direct suppliers globally. Airbus is also the second largest space company in the world, as well as a top 10 defense company.

Airbus Dirk Erat - Tech Blog Writer Podcast

Dirk Erat took over Communications of Airbus Defence and Space (former Cassidian) in September 2012. Previously he was in charge of Corporate Media Relations at Porsche AG in Stuttgart. From 2000 to 2008 he held a number of positions at Siemens Corporate Communications department. In addition to his role as Head of Communications for the division Defence and Space Dirk Erat is in charge of Digital Communications for Airbus.

As a leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a global scale. I wanted to find out more about their aim for a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world. Aerospace has always been at the upper end of new technology so I am quite excited to get him on today so we can geek out a little talking about the aviation industry, space, and of course the story behind the first ever nonstop commercial flight from the UK to Australia.

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