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Wouldn’t we all love to have a personal AI helper that is actually smart and useful, and moreover, one that is highly personalized to your preferences and activities? Imagine a super-smart Alexa / Siri / Google Assistant-like app or device that remembers what you told it previously; can hold lengthy conversations; can interact with other assistants, devices, and apps; and that can learn new facts, preferences, and skills via English conversation.

Now imagine that this assistant isn’t just available in one domain, but can assist you using complex software, allow you to control and monitor your home, car, and other devices, in addition to handling a wide range of personal and business requests. Finally, imagine that this personal AI not only gets smarter as it learns from you, but also as it interacts with other people (and AIs) in your network. Furthermore, it constantly acquires new knowledge, skills, and capabilities via ongoing development.

Just one assistant—aligned with your personal preferences, values, and habits that become increasingly more knowledgeable and capable. Something more like ‘Her’ and less like ‘Dory.’ The core of the AIgo platform is their intelligence engine, which is firmly based on AGI principles and is an implementation of the Third Wave of AI.

Peter Voss, Chief Scientist at Aigo.ai and a pioneer in the artificial intelligence space, is developing the first truly personal personal assistant. Aigo uses groundbreaking “cognitive architecture” to implement the “Third Wave of AI” – learning unsupervised, instantaneously and interactively. Utilizing a blockchain ecosystem, it will be a community that uses, creates, and trades intelligence for the benefit of all.

Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor and a Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence. Peter also coined the term ‘AGI’ (Artificial General Intelligence) with fellow luminaries in the space. Started in electronics engineering, then fell in love with software. First major success was developing a comprehensive ERP package and taking that company from zero to 400-person IPO in seven years.

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Fueled by the fragile nature of software, embarked on a journey 20 years ago to studying what intelligence is, how it develops in humans, and the current state of AI. This research culminated in the creation of their natural language intelligence engine that can think, learn, and reason — and adapt to, and grow with the user.

The result is an adaptive, super-smart personal assistant that is hyper-personalized to individual needs, desires, and goals – and most importantly, it and all the information and data you share with it is yours, and only yours.

According to Ovum consumer research, the digital assistant installed base is predicted to exceed 7.5 billion active devices globally by 2021. Google’s Assistant is expected to dominate the voice AI-capable device market with 23.3% market share. Samsung, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft will divide up the remaining ¾ of the market.

Peter thinks the answer to this problem lies in a community of individuals who truly own and control their own hyper-intelligent conversational personal assistants and their data. He and his team envision Aigo as the foundation for implementing what they call a true “ExoCortex,” which they define as an everyday, interactive, cognitive extension of ourselves – and you can’t get much more personalized than that. I invited Peter onto the show to learn more about AIgo.

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