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Passwords and pins are passé. A recent study shows that at least 770 million biometric authentication applications will be downloaded worldwide by 2019. The numbers are staggering, 65% of mobile transactions will be secured using biometrics by 2020 and 99% of smartphones will be biometrically enabled by 2021.

In the Internet of Things (IoT), it is reported that more than 20 billion objects may end up connected. All of these devices will either need many more passwords — which will be impossible to remember and/or hard to protect — or unique biometric information to identify us.

Biometry operates in three different modalities. They can be a human feature like your fingerprint, iris, or the shape of the veins on the back of your hands, facial recognition and many other physical features. They can be behavioral like the way we walk and run, or the way we hold our phones.

Behavioral’s are based on the repetitive way we behave, and such data can be used to build motion repertoires, or a collection of habits, which define us. Or they can be physiological, which is the data that comes from the live function of our bodies. Examples of the latter would be voice recognition, heart rhythms, or brain activities. And in our case, the same technology can be used for strong encryption in addition to identification and authentication.

Aerendir Mobile Inc.™ is the pioneer of a novel physiologic biometric authentication system called NeuroPrint™ (NP™). This novel identification and authentication biometric technology, which they refer to as the Touch Technology™ captures live signals from the individual’s unique brain cortex and motricity.

The neuro-proprioceptive system sends unique NeuroPrint™ signals that can be sensed by existing hardware in smartphones and tablets without the need of any other internal or external device. These unique signals are also nearly impossible to hack. Martin Zizi, MD-PhD, CEO of Aerendir joins me on my daily tech podcast. We discuss his invention of Neuro Print™, the cloudless physiological biometrics technology for authentication, identification, and encryption.

Aerendir - Martin Zizi

Martin Zizi is a MD-PhD trained in Molecular Physiology, Public Health and Biophysics. He graduated from KULeuven (Belgium) and had a dual career in the government and in various academies in the US and Belgium. Prior to founding Aerendir Mobile, he has always worked at the bleeding edge of technology. He was the Chief Integrating Officer at Inui Inc. where he led and helped create innovative mobile medical technology. He is also an official member on the Forbes Technology Council.

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