222: Adobe Summit 2017: Kevin Lindsay Talks About Adobe Target and the Experience Cloud

Mar 24, 2017

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buy Lyrica online canada Kevin Lindsay, head of product marketing for Adobe Target and personalization efforts talks about bringing personalization and experiences into business. He is an expert on conversion optimisation and personalisation, and speaks frequently at industry events around the globe. Kevin was with Omniture prior to its acquisition by Adobe, and previously held product and strategic marketing positions at search software companies Mercado and Verity.

http://theblindclub.com/?krigo=generic-orlistat-120-mg What he finds most exciting about digital marketing is the opportunity businesses have to turn digital interactions into more money through optimisation. With most companies experiencing soaring mobile traffic volumes, he sees mobile app and cross-device optimisation as a big priority over the next couple of years. Kevin is a Canadian expat who enjoys life with his family in the hills above Silicon Valley.

“provide the ability, through all our marketing solutions, for marketers to be able to market to their consumers as people rather than as separate devices. Typically this is viewed as a cross-device problem. How do I take this group of devices and treat them as the person they actually represent?” Kevin Lindsay – Adobe Summit

myambutol online bible After meeting Kevin at the Adobe Summit here in Las Vegas, I invited him onto the show to learn more about the announcements over that last few days.The customer experience is evolving in an age of data and AI. At this year’s Digital Summit, Adobe unveiled the Experience Cloud, I caught up with Kevin to find out what this means for Target.

Kevin Lindsay

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