405: How The University of Michigan Won The Adobe Analytics Challenge

Dec 07, 2017


http://sclarita.com/2015/08/27/the-ashley-madison-hack-confirms-what-you-already-knew-about-the-scv/ A team of students from the University of Michigan recently took first place in the Adobe Analytics Challenge. The challenge focuses on giving college students access to Adobe’s Analytics products and data from real-world organizations and companies.

For over 11 years, this competition has been a unique analytics-focused business case competition where university students are given the opportunity to use Adobe’s industry-leading analytics products and access to real-world data from leading organizations such as Starwood, Lenovo, Condé Nast, Comcast, Overstock.com, Backcountry.com, and Sony PlayStation.

lithium spot price per tonne This winning team was called “Adjusted R Squared,” and was comprised of three Business graduate students who had never met each other or even used Adobe Analytics before. But, I wanted to find out more about this inspirational story so I invited the three winning team members onto the show.

Rei Liao Tech Blog Writer Podcast

Rei Liao is a full-time MBA candidate at Ross School of Business. Before her MBA, she worked in marketing and corporate branding in technology and food & beverage industries, where she focused on growing brand awareness and revenue through campaigns, new partner/customer acquisition, and global expansion.

Rei is currently looking to broaden her experiences in product management, product marketing, and business development to bring innovative technology to human lives and ultimately impact the community.

Rajiv Khattar Tech Blog Writer Podcast

Rajiv Khattar is a first-year MBA student at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, looking to focus on data analytics. That could mean bringing “evidence-based HR” to the world or supporting customer insights in marketing.

In the past, he has helped transform the HR organization into a number of different companies across the energy, finance, retail, and healthcare industries. He has also worked with Tableau, SAP OM, SAP PA, SAP Payroll, Workday Talent, SuccessFactors Compensation, and Salesforce.com.

Erica Kirshensteyn Tech Blog Writer Podcast

Erica Kirshensteyn is currently a first-year MBA at the Ross School of Business, with a focus on operations as a fellow at the Tauber Institute for Global Operations. Post-MBA, Erica aims to leverage data analytics to solve complex operational issues faced by firms.

Erica comes from a largely analytical background in media and technology. Prior to Ross, she executed custom market research for a large technology client at Ipsos, a market research firm, and before that managed advertiser accounts at Xaxis, a data-driven digital ad agency.

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