92: Jitterbit CEO George Gallegos Talks About This Agile Integration/API Management Solution

Aug 16, 2016

Tonight I want to talk about a subject that’s very close to my heart, applications. Most organizations have hundreds of applications, some are on-prem, an increasing number are software as a service model in the cloud and more than one are hybrid models as well. With all these hundreds of applications in various locations, how do they get them all talking to each other? How do we get all the data from all these applications into one place? This is old news really. The world has moved beyond the idea that every company needs an API strategy to the understanding that every company needs a connectivity strategy. Businesses need a way to connect their various applications and data to engage with customers and ultimately succeed in business. During my search for a company that could resolve this modern day problem, I came across a company called Jitterbit. I’ve got the CEO George Gallegos on the show tonight to explain a little more about that and what services they offer.

here Can you tell the listeners a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is George Gallegos. My role is CEO at Jitterbit. Jitterbit is in the business of bringing agile cloud integration solutions to market. What I mean by agile cloud integration solutions is every company is trying to digitize their business, and they have a lot of different assets. Some of them are on premise assets and some are cloud assets and they need to connect these assets together. Our product, our platform, enables them to do that in an easier way than traditional methods of the past.


http://vincere-casino-online.com/tag/eudamons/ For anyone listening who has never heard of you guys before can you go into a little more detail about what Jitterbit offers and how it differs from other solutions?

It’s an integration platform. Gartner has been tracking this new emerging category called IPASS. That stands for Integration Platform as a Service. What it really means and what we take it to heart as is we’re a cloud platform. Our entire stack runs in the cloud, and it is a much easier way. We focus on the line of business. Traditional integration platforms focused on IT and they focused on developer centered people that used those tech products. We really focus on the line of business so we needed to make it much easier for somebody to digitize their own business and connect all their assets whether they are cloud assets or on-premise assets and do that in a way that can be done with a line of business analyst rather than a technical IT or developer individual.

enter site I see that you have clients in every industry from financial services, healthcare, education, manufacturing, media, and publishing to name but a few. Do all of these industries have unique requirements?

Each of them has some unique requirements, but the interesting thing is everyone is trying to digitize their business. Everyone is trying to be more competitive through that digital transformation of their business. So whether it’s health care, financial, or Telco they are all trying to accomplish a similar thing but they may have different sets of assets. In a Telco versus financial services you might have different types of back-end ERP systems but they both may have a Salesforce .com to run the client engagement. In health care, you might have electronic medical record systems. So the end points and the assets might be different, but the digital processes that they are trying to enable are often similar.

What are the biggest trends or needs you are seeing emerging in this space?

There are a lot of good analysts out there. What Gartner has been putting pressure in this space is the citizen experience. Not only have we been focusing on the line of business but it’s even gone beyond that. Not only a business analyst but the CEO of an organization should be able to employ these connectivity solutions for their business so they can help move that digital transformation forward. That’s an example of an area where Gartner has talked about it but we’re probably the one that is leading that vision and delivering a citizen experience in this category of IPASS and cloud integration.

What’s next for you guys at Jitterbit?

Our mission in this space has always been to simplify the problem around delivering integration and delivering connectivity. The citizen user experience is a key investment we’re making R&D. More pre-packaged integration, templates and processes that are available out of the box. In this space, we’re probably the fastest growing company in this new agile cloud integration arena.

What’s the best way for anyone to reach out to you or a member of your team?

You can go to our website at www.jitterbit.com. We have demos, trials, and free products. You can also send me an email to CEO@jitterbit.com

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