476: Exploring Property or Places in VR and 360 Video With 3xplor

Mar 06, 2018

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http://ezeta.com.ar/index.php?option=com_content 360 video and virtual reality are taking the buying experience to radical new heights. With access to the full picture and the ability to completely immerse themselves, buyers are no longer reliant on anonymous reviews and guesswork – they can experience the atmosphere first hand.

The technology used to create 360° video and virtual reality are maturing fast. Now people can enjoy exploring property and places from afar, and businesses can attract custom in ways that were not previously possible. Try to imagine the possibilities for businesses that could showcase their property and enable their customers to explore places in 360° video and virtual reality.

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Launched in October 2017 and designed from the ground up for researching in 360 video and virtual reality, 3xplor is all about the emotional connection and buying experience. It takes online exploration to the next level and creates an exciting new channel for commercial enterprises. 3xplor makes searching for property, places and things to do an adventure with 360° tours, video and virtual reality.

Lisa Hutt is the CEO of 3xplor and considers herself a visionary, commercial and customer-focused leader that builds brand and drives rapid, sustainable growth. Competent at entering new markets, launching new products, transformation, pivots, funding rounds, IPO and exit.

3xplor Lisa Hutt

I invited Lisa onto the podcast to talk about her vision for the future of this technology and also share her tech startup story. We also challenge pre-assumptions when it comes to VR and challenge a few myths around the industry to reveal the opportunities for businesses. Lisa also encourages producers of 360 video in countries all over the world to get in touch and help expand their services.

Here are a few links to learn more about what Lisa and her team are trying to achieve by leveraging advances in VR technology.

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