261: How Chore Check Is Helping Kids Work, Earn and Learn

May 21, 2017


robaxin overnight delivery Parents have been assigning chores to their kids for as long we can remember. But finding an easy way to incentivize their offspring to both help them around the house and teach them the value of money is a notoriously difficult balance to master. Step forward Chore Check.

http://internationalindoor.com/TVYdZ/?option=com_user Chore Check is a new tool for busy parents to raise responsible, money-smart kids! The app aims to make it easier to keep everyone organized and accountable for household responsibilities.

As a parent, you can track your children’s completed chores, send payments, and even distribute their earnings to SPEND, SAVE, and GIVE categories. Chores can even be set to “stealable” so that the first child to check it off earns the credit. When kids login, they can check off chores, track progress, and watch their allowance grow!

Using technology to assign chores is an interesting concept, but the introduction of gamification is a stroke of genius. Chores are assigned on a first come, first served basis and there is even a cash bonus up grabs. Maybe the app could even deliver the very problem of having siblings fighting over chores.

I invited Chore Check CEO Ada Vaughan onto the show to find out more and understand the inspiration behind using new technology to solve an old problem.

Ada Vaughan LinkedIn

Chore Check Website


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