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648: Insurtech – How Technology Is Transforming The Insurance Industry

SE2 is a leading technology and third-party administration company for the life insurance and annuities industry, that was selected as one of

647: West Monroe Partners – Is Employee Experience (EX) the New CX?

West Monroe Partners is known for partnering with companies to help them reimagine, build & transform their business with technology. The company

646: How qiibee Increases Customer Loyalty With Blockchain

 qiibee is a Swiss-based loyalty token protocol helping brands around the world run their loyalty programs on the blockchain. Founded in

645: Why AB InBev Launched An Accelerator For Sustainability Start-Ups

 On my daily tech podcast, I enjoy learning more about some of the things in life we take for granted and

644: The Digital Transformation of Manchester United

 Last year I spoke with Real Madrid and Rebel Ventures about how they won the digital El Clásico by beating Barcelona

643: The Role of Technology In The Business For Sale Marketplace

 Bob House is president for and, the internet’s largest and most heavily trafficked business-for-sale marketplaces with more business for

642: Hip-Hop’s A3C Shines a Light on Promising Music Tech Innovators

 Have you ever experienced Conference Hangover? You return inspired but quickly realize that won’t apply what you learned when you get back to

641: How Snips Is Planning To Take Down Alexa With Privacy and Blockchain

 I recently spoke to Tara Kelly from Splice Software about the dangers of handing over the keys to your brand’s voice

640: CEO of Fountain Explores The Gig Economy And Industry Trends

 Keith Ryu is the Founder and CEO of Fountain, a hiring and onboarding platform for hourly workers explores some of the

639: Voice Search – Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Brand Voice Up To Google, Amazon, Apple

 SPLICE Software blends art and science in creating stronger connections and improving the customer experience for insurers, bankers, and retailers. Their

638: The Rise of IIoT and Artificial Intelligence In Industry

 Industrial executives and operators are faced with the challenge of doing more with less, while simultaneously reducing excessive resource consumption. Industries

637: How To Create A Podcast and Other Questions From Listeners

 When searching for mentorship or inspiration I have often encountered a number of expensive courses that not only emptied my wallet

636: NEO Smart Economy – An Interview with NEO’s Tamar Salant

 Regular listeners and readers will remember the moment when Antshares rebranded to NEO last year. NEO is China’s first ever original

635: Smart Home Device Expert, Founder of Flo Technologies, Gabe Halimi

 Flo is a first of its kind and proprietary water monitoring and control system for homes and buildings that virtually eliminates

634: How Blis is Unlocking The Power of Location

 Blis is the global leader in advanced location data technology. Their proprietary platform provides businesses with accurate location data and in-depth

633: How Openpath Enables Staff to Access Their Office With Their Phone

 Openpath is a company that is focused on bringing the IoT solutions consumers enjoy at home to the workplace. Alex Kazerani (CEO) and

632: How Hurdl Pixl LED Wearables Are Lighting Up The Wrists of Concertgoers

 No matter the event or how fans gain access, Hurdl can find out who is in the audience and start a conversation. Combining

631: Aireka Harvell Shares The StartUp Story Behind Nodat

 On this daily tech podcast, CEOs learn from other CEOS and startup founders learn from others on their startup journeys. As

630: Startup Story: Vlad Mkrtumyan – Logic Inbound, Co-Founders Connect

 Logic Inbound identifies and executes on growth opportunities. Clients include financial and healthcare firms, venture-backed startups and multi-national manufacturing organizations. After

629: MarTech – Full Circle Insights and Marketing Performance Measurement

 Full Circle Insights addresses the critical issue for VPs of marketing using –getting accurate performance information about marketing campaigns. 100%