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582: Bluzelle Phase 2 – Building the New Data Economy

buy modafinil sheffield  Pavel Bains is the CEO of Bluzelle Networks, which builds blockchain and distributed ledger solutions for the finance industry. The last

581: PowerInbox – The Inevitable Convergence of AdTech and MarTech Many of the world’s leading brands rely on PowerInbox email personalization and monetization to drive real engagement, revenue, and results. I wanted

580: How Patriot Boot Camp Is Turning Soldiers Into Entrepreneurs  Patriot Boot Camp offers a series of programs under the Techstars banner that gives military veterans the tools and connections to

579: How Pypestream Is Bringing The On-Demand Economy to Enterprises

Pypestream is on a mission to make life easier by allowing businesses to connect with their customers through a secure channel, referred

578: How The Naga Group Will Revolutionize The World’s Banking Sector

 On today’s tech podcast, I talk to Benjamin Bilski from the NagaGroup. Fans of the crypto and blockchain space will probably

577: Scanmarker: Digital Highlighter Replaces Retyping By Scanning Notes

 Scanmarker looks like a highlighter pen, but it allows you to highlight text in the physical world from a book or

576: Can’t afford Adobe Sign? Try, KeepSolid Sign eSignature Software

 KeepSolid is an international product development company headquartered in New York, USA. They offer a wide range of solutions and services

575: How Tech and The Subscription Economy Is Transforming Business

 Zuora is an enterprise software company that designs SaaS applications and sells access to these applications, using a subscription business model,

574: Hack Summit 2018 – Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

 Deconet is the economic portal for software and a marketplace for code built on top of a decentralized and smart-contract-based registry

573: Hack Summit 2018 – Riccardo “Fluffy Pony” Spagni

 Hack Summit is the world’s largest virtual event and gathering of developers in history, which aims to build awareness and further the

572: Brainshark Reveals AI-Powered Engine to Elevate Sales Coaching

 As AI percolates into the enterprise, sales organizations have distinguished themselves as early adopters. For example, using AI to improve forecasting

571: How AI Can Be Used to Achieve Big and Small Wins in Business

 Ople is a B2B software that uses AI to maximize the value of data. The company is aiming to solve both

570: The Digital Experience Platform for Content, Community & Commerce

 Acquia is the leading provider of cloud-based, digital experience management solutions. Forward-thinking organizations rely on the company to transform the way

569: How Evolv Balances Security, Safety, Flow and Customer Experience

 In 2013, Mike Ellenbogen and Anil Chitkara set out on a mission to make the world a safer place. They assembled

568: How SendGrid Processes 40 billion Emails Per Month

 Regular listeners will remember that I interviewed the team at SendGrid last year on episode 391. The startup was founded in

567: Connecting Consumers With Brands Through Digital Experiences

 Andres Angelani, CEO of Softvision, a digital services company that creates customized experiences that connect consumers to brands. Andres is originally

566: How GrokStyle Is Bringing Vision-Based AI Solutions to Retail

 GrokStyle is a provider of vision-based AI solutions for retail that recently announced that it has been selected by IKEA to