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493: Adobe Summit – Equinox & Adobe on the Future of Design

 The Adobe Summit is currently underway in Las Vegas, and 13,000 attendees received the message that we are now buying experiences rather than

492: Adobe Summit Sneaks – Intelligent Content Insights

 After wandering the show floor at this year’s Adobe Summit, I convinced Jonas Dahl to give me a preview of his sneaks session.

491: Adobe Summit: Gigya Co-Founder Launches Book About The Digital Identity Crisis

 Rooly Eliezerov is the Co-Founder and President of Gigya. Regular listeners will already be familiar with Gigya, as we spoke with

490: Yotpo Reveal A.I. Powered “Insights” Product at Shoptalk

 Yotpo is known for helping brands collect and leverage reviews and photos throughout the buyer journey to increase trust, social proof

489: CryptoMove – The Moving Target Defense Data Protection Platform

 CryptoMove is a cybersecurity startup led by a father-and-son team that recently raised $6 million in a Series A funding round

488: The Tech and Innovation Behind 2.7 Billion Wine Closures

 When you open a bottle of wine this weekend, have you stopped to think of the closure on the bottle? Did

487: Taryn Southern On Composing Her New Album Entirely With AI

 Taryn Southern has nearly half a million YouTube subscribers and her videos have received more than 700 million views online. But

486: How UENI Is Helping Over 2 Million Local Businesses Get Online

 Have you ever searched online for hairdresser, dentist or saxophone teacher? These are just a few examples of businesses that do

485: Meet The World’s First 100% Cloud-Based Call Center Technology

 Have you ever wondered how to get crowds to check out your booth and learn more about your company at an

484: Yext – How to Optimize Your Business For Voice Search

 Have you noticed how we are increasingly using our voice rather than fingers for searching online? This got me thinking, in

483: Digital Marketing Technology Entrepreneur Shares His Startup Story

 Marketing Town by Tech Essence is offering the next generation of campaign management, tracking, and analytics technology with their solution. But

482: Climbing Higher With A Virtual Workforce and No Office

 On today’s episode, Bryan Miles delivered a reality check. The future of business is virtual. It’s time to invade the workplace,

481: How Tech Is Enabling A Flexible Work & Mum Economy

 The $1000 smartphone in your pocket is capable of so much more than just endlessly scrolling down. How about putting it

480: The FinTech Startup Using Machine Learning Disrupt Asset Management

 Pagaya is a fintech company using machine learning and data analytics to reshape the asset management space. Armed with a unique technology

479: Noodle AI – Why Artificial Intelligence Is Not Magic. It’s Data

 From the global leader of Watson for IBM global business services to the enterprise artificial intelligence leader Noodle AI, Stephen Pratt has

478: The Rise Of The Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

 According to Microsoft, an incredible 97% of consumers will leave a brand based on a negative customer experience. Meanwhile, a recent

477: Jay Leopardi – How Fanstereo Is Empowering Artists and Fans

 Jay Leopardi is the co-founder and CEO of the entertainment industry’s newest lifestyle brand, Fanstereo. As an industry veteran, Leopardi had

476: Exploring Property or Places in VR and 360 Video With 3xplor

 360 video and virtual reality are taking the buying experience to radical new heights. With access to the full picture and

475: Creating A Global Impact Through Entrepreneurship, Tech & Crypto

 Today’s guest is Jesse Sullivan, the founder & CEO of Alter, a nonprofit on a mission to transform the developing world

474: How Technology is Influencing Cupertino Electric

 John Boncher is the CEO of Cupertino Electric, a tech-powered infrastructure, and engineering company headquartered in the West Coast. With commercial