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472: How Skratch Connects Dallas Teens with Local Paying Gigs

When was your first job? For a large majority of our teens today, they’re not working. (A decline of 30% over the

471: Ashley Boolell Explores The Dark Net In His Novel ‘Killed In’

 Have you ever had an idea ever pop into your head that you think would make a great book or TV

470: Why Former Apple CEO John Sculley Is Still In The Disruption Business

 John Sculley is one of America’s best-known business leaders, with one foot in the storied history of Apple technology and the

469: MarTech – Nuxeo, The Cloud-Native Content Services Platform

 Nuxeo, the maker of the leading, cloud-native content services platform, is reinventing enterprise content and digital asset management. The company is

468: WWPass – How PassHub Is Protecting User Credentials

 WWPass is a global cybersecurity company that provides identity, authentication, and access management (IAM) technology. The company battles data breaches and

467: How Paragon Coin Is Using Blockchain To Transform The Cannabis Industry

 Two problems facing the tech industry at the moment are the gender imbalance issues and the bad press around initial coin

466: Using Tech to Become a Location Independent Serial Entrepreneur

 From hotshot keynote speakers to world-bestselling authors to your next-door neighborhood podcaster, thousands of people agree that making money from what

465: The Successful Tech Startup Story Behind PicsArt Photo Studio

 PicsArt is the leading image editing app and creative social network. PicsArt makes it easy to step up your photo editing

464: How Waze Is Revolutionizing Digital Navigation

 Waze is the social navigation pioneer, leveraging mobile technology and a passionate global community to redefine expectations of today’s maps. The

463: The Semiconductor Innovation Revolutionizing The Refrigeration Industry

 Today’s cooling technologies are seriously uncool. Hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores rely on dated refrigeration systems that depend on bulky compressors,

462: The Uber Of Staffing App Aiming to Revolutionize The Hospitality Industry

 When arriving at a concert, nightclub or big event, most of us seldom think about the logistics behind the scenes. But

461: How MeTEOR Education is Humanizing the Education Machine

 MeTEOR Education is a leading educational services partner working with education providers to help them create High-impact Learning Environments and High-impact

460: How Wowza Is Bringing Professional-Quality Broadcasts to Facebook Live

 Wowza Media Systems was founded in 2005 by David Stubenvoll and Charlie Good. The company began its journey as a bootstrapped

459: How SuperFan Is Uniting Influencers, Brands and Fans

 SuperFan is a new-age media company looking to bridge the gaps between influencers, brands, and fans. The company aggregates data from

458: Legal Tech – How AI is Enabling Law Firms to Adapt to Value-Based Pricing

 Bodhala is an AI-powered legal tech platform that takes a mass quantity of data, analyzes it, and provides actionable, easy-to-use insights.

457: How To Bring Augmented Reality to Your Super Bowl Party

 Augmented reality is finding its way into our lives through various apps and services, from Pokemon GO! to Snapchat stickers and

456: The Rise Of The Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

 DiversyFund is an alternative investment crowdfunding platform that allows investors to directly fund the development of commercial and residential real estate

455: Meet Jubal, The Classical Music Listings App

 Today’s guest is someone who’s interested in classical music and discovered that he didn’t know when concerts were taking place. After

454: How Ghostery Is Deploying AI in the Fight Against Ad Trackers

 Did you know that everytime you visit a website, there are hundreds of companies such as Google, Facebook that are tracking