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453: YogaTrail – The Technology Behind The World’s Yoga Network

 We don’t often associate technology with Yoga, but I am fascinated by how it is helping YogaTrail unite Yoga lovers and

452: How GLG Is Building The Future of Professional Learning

 GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group) is on a mission to transform the way top professionals share expertise and learn. They curate custom

451: The Startup Removing Information Silos & Apps To Increase Productivity

 Instead of trying to integrate a bunch of different tools that aren’t talking to each other, wouldn’t it make more sense to

450: HR Tech – How Reflektive Is Rethinking Performance Reviews

 The destructive effects of the traditional performance review or annual appraisal are well documented. Rather than motivate staff they demotivate employees. What

449: The Music Radio Creative – Mastering Audio With Mike Russell

 Mike Russell is the creative director of Music Radio Creative. Audio production is his life. Mike enjoys helping people to sound

448: Omegavision – VR Without the Headset, and So Much More

 Every once in a while comes a new disruptive technology that changes everything. VR has stalled, the headsets are not bringing

447: Sarah Elkins Reveals The Story Behind No Longer Virtual

 I first came across the unique No Longer Virtual conference in a Forbes article entitled 7 ‘Can’t-Miss’ Conferences For Entrepreneurs in

446: The Smart Walkie-Talkie Helping Parents Manage Screen Addiction

? Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Republic Wireless leverages the power of both WiFi and nationwide cellular networks and gives consumers the

445: Startup Veteran and Visionary Entrepreneur Andrew Weinreich

 Andrew Weinreich is a social networking pioneer and founder of 7 tech startups, including sixdegrees, the world’s first social network. In

444: LegalTech – Tackling GDRP and Legal Tech Trends helps organizations make their website GDPR & Data Privacy Compliant. Established by Dan Storbaek, former CEO at Skarpline and management

443: How Cheddar Is Leading The Way With Usage-Based Billing SaaS Models

 On today’s episode, we hear about a FinTech startup story that wants to coin the term “usage-based billing. In a digital

442: How BrandYourself Protects and Improves Your Reputation On The Web

 Anyone that has seen”Nosedive” the first episode of the third series of the British science fiction anthology series Black Mirror will

441: EdTech – How Hackathons Are Helping Quizlet Make a Difference

 San Francisco-based EdTech company, Quizlet is the largest user-generated online learning platform in the U.S. Every month, over 30 million active

440: CYBRI – The Cyber-Security Marketplace Securing Business Assets

 As global cybercrime costs are projected to reach $2 Trillion by 2019, the CYBRI platform is offering cybersecurity experts on demand for small

439: Why EdTech Leader Coursera Is Top Of The Online Learning Space

 We are only a few weeks into 2018, and already many will be starting to give up on their well-intended New

438: How iboss is Breaking Through the Web Gateway Industry

 Paul Martini is not your average leader of a successful cybersecurity company. With his twin brother they blended their skillsets to

437: CES 2018 – Clazio Brings The ‘Smart’ to Smart Home Entertainment

 At this years CES, I heard about a 3-in-1 Android wireless touchscreen speaker with voice control. It has two 5-watt speakers,

436: CES 2018: AstroReality Provides Out Of This World Experience

 CES visitors can swing by the AstroReality CES 2018 booth to get hands-on with LUNAR and the entire solar system. The

435: CES 2018 – Sleep Number, Unveils the Future of Health and Wellness

 At CES 2018, Sleep Number corporation provided a glimpse into the future of health and wellness. From identifying and warning of

434: CES 2018 – ZTE CEO Lixin Cheng Talks About Axon M, IoT & 5G

 Are you disillusioned with the smartphone market in a mobile-first world where 99% of the devices look the same? One of