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377: SAP Ariba on the Importance of Being a Purpose-Driven Company SAP Ariba is rethinking how work gets done in this new digital economy. It is more critical than ever that your company

376: How Hotel Tech Startup ALICE Is Transforming The Customer Experience

follow site Ease of communication and customer service is the hallmark of any world-class hotel. As such, hotels are looking for new methods to

375: The Inconvenient Truth About Biometric Security and Privacy Protection

order finasteride australia Biometric authentication is often promoted as the most secure method to access our accounts using our unique individual characteristics. Rather trying to

374: How Recruitment Startup Vervoe Is Transforming The Hiring Process

Vervoe is reinventing the recruiting experience for startups, and small to medium businesses. The platforms task-based simulations evaluate an applicants’ skills and

373: CEO Shares Insights Around Thriving In The Future of Project Management

nexium รถsterreich online 10,000ft is a software company that builds tools for innovative organizations and the creative thinkers they employ. They have two products in

372: ReliaQuest Launches Technology-Agnostic Cyber Simulator

ReliaQuest is a company that advances the delivery, reliability, and outcomes of IT security for Fortune 2000 organizations in diverse industries. Since

371: Contract Discovery Incorporating AI & Natural Language Processing

Seal Software is the leading provider of contract discovery and analytics. Seal enables companies around the world to manage their contract portfolio

370: Mobi – Enterprise Mobility in 2017 and What Comes Next

IT decision makers continuously juggle mobile security, program management strategy, and future technology concerns, but which innovations worry this group the most?