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269: Why Retailers Should Concentrate on Individualization Not Personalization

Reflektion has been quietly dominating retail by using AI in uncharted areas: understanding consumer preference in real time and delivering a 1:1 experience

268: How Mark Cuban backed Is Outsmarting Overdraft Fees

Jason Wilk is better known as the AllScreen and Founder and is currently an active Angel Investor and Co-Founder Advisor of

267: How Radial is Focussing on Building Customer Confidence With Zero Fraud Liability

Before joining Radial, Andrea Dougherty didn’t even know fraud was a thing. Fast forward 7+ years and she’s now a sought-after security

Apttus Accelerate: The Rise of the Machines: Surviving (and Thriving) in a Legal Tech World

The Apttus Accelerate event is described as “The Intelligent Quote-to-Cash event of the year”. Accelerate brings together leaders, achievers, and innovators in

266: Why Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Is Launching Wendy Digital

We are living in an age of instant gratification where even businesses are guilty of concentrating on the sprint rather than the

265: How to Prepare For The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR )

As businesses continue to get excited about machine learning and AI to unlock data. But make no mistake next year the focus

264: Pollfish – Behind Enemy Lines – What Are Your Competitor’s Users Thinking?

Question: Don’t you want to know what your competitor’s customers really think? How can a ‘David’-sized app acquire users in a landscape

263: How Neo4j Graph Database Is Unlocking the Value of Data Relationships

Neo Technology is the creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. Neo4j is a highly scalable native graph database that leverages

262: Headphones – Audeze Planar Magnetic Technology

Audeze have built a reputation selling award-winning audio products engineered with the latest innovations in science and tech, matched with precision craftsmanship.

261: How Chore Check Is Helping Kids Work, Earn and Learn

Parents have been assigning chores to their kids for as long we can remember. It is not a new practice for parents

260: Crestron Unveils New All-in-One Meeting Room Solution

Crestron is a $1.5B company that builds connected home and office technology. Many will remember that at the beginning of 2016 Mark

259: Exploring The Tech Startup Scene Of Ukraine With MacPaw’s Julia Petryk

You may have heard about the thriving tech start-up scene in New York, Chicago, Houston or even Tel Aviv, but I recently

258: How to Monetize Your IoT Strategy and IoT Trends To Watch This Year

I recently read how Gartner predicts that 20.8 billion connected things will be in use worldwide by 2020, up from 6.4 billion

257: The Trak Male Fertility Testing System – Fitbit For Sperm

From the number of steps we take to the hours we sleep, it’s clear we are obsessed with tracking our bodies’ data.

Tech Blog Writer – What Is Your Reach?

I am currently recording seven podcast interviews a week with a diverse range of guests from some of the most exciting new

256: Why Healthcare Security Is Vulnerable and Botnets & Ransomware Remain Our Biggest Threat

As Chief Security Officer, Dale Drew is responsible for Level 3’s Global Global Security Program; Corporate and Product Security Policies, Logical Security,

255: How ClearMetal Is Using Predictive Logistics Technology & Disrupting The Shipping Industry

ClearMetal, an edgy logistics tech provider applying AI and machine learning to the massive global logistics industry where a digital overhaul is

254: How Figure 1 and The British Medical Journal Have Used Technology To Unite The Medical Community

In 1995, British Medical Journal (BMJ) became the first medical publisher to go online. Now, the company has made history again by

253: Apttus Accelerate – How Apttus Bootstrapped its Way To Unicorn Status

Around 3,500 representatives from the largest enterprises in the world braved the unseasonal heatwave in San Francisco to attend the Apttus Accelerate

252: How Completed Is Challenging LinkedIn With A Yelp-Style Rating For Co-Workers

Completed, which is based in San Francisco, is the first verified peer review platform to cover all professionals in every industry. Its