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204: Techstars Music: The Startup Class That Goes To 11

Last October, a three-month, mentorship-driven startup accelerator program called Techstars Music was unveiled by managing director Bob Moczydlowsky. The concept is simple;

203: The LIDAR Technology Behind An X-Ray Pill

An Israeli company called Check-Cap has developed a small capsule that after being swallowed, actually performs a colonoscopy. GaN’s small size and

202: Geeni Smart Home Products Debuts to Fit Every Budget

Merkury Innovations are designers of personal electronics and accessories that combine technology, aesthetics, and value. However, they recently debuted its new Geeni

201: The Inspirational Story Behind PixlPlay That Recycles Smartphones Into A Kids’ Camera

If we are honest, most people reading this will have an old smartphone (or two!) sitting in a junk drawer somewhere. But,

200: EON Reality: Virtual Reality Software, Augmented Reality

Having seen how VR and AR is transforming entire industries such as healthcare and surgical training I often get frustrated that most

199: Setapp From MacPaw Offers Netflix for Mac Apps In Alternative App Store

Imagine if you could access software apps on your Mac via an all you can eat Netflix style package. MacPaw, the company behind the

198: The Future of Innovation and Technology In The Retail Industry

Skyler Fernandes is the founder and former Managing Director of Simon Venture Group (SVG), a multi-stage venture capital group focused on investing

197: The Story Behind Crowdsourced Weather App, Sunshine

Katerina Stroponiati is the Founder and CEO of Sunshine, the first weather network built entirely on the creative visionary, a modern-day

196: How Adobe Primetime Enabled by Adobe Marketing Cloud, Is Designed For Viewing Experiences

Contrary to popular belief, the binge-viewing digital native no longer sits slumped in their chair with one hand on the remote control

195: Veyo: The Technology Behind Non Emergency Medical Transportation Logistics

We often here about how tech is changing, improving or disrupting traditional industries. Everyone has heard about Uber and Airbnb, but these

194: How Artificial Intelligence Could Help You Find Your Next Job or Build Your Network

Opportunity ( is a business network driven by real-time interactions and opportunities around you. The company uses a scientific approach to matching

193: BBC America, Planet Earth II – Mike Gunton & The Tech Behind The Show

BBC America’s Planet Earth II recently became the highest-rated U.S. nature show. The series is also delighting both critics and viewers after

192: How Tezos Is Enabling Smarter Smart Contracts Through its Self-Amending Blockchain

To date, the cryptocurrency market is $13bn across the leading efforts in the space. I wanted to learn more about what blockchain

191: Why The Virtual High School Is The Pioneer of Online and Blended Learning

The Virtual High School is an online learning pioneer that’s probably under your radar. Since 1995, the nonprofit organization has been setting

190: DroneDeploy Offers Cloud-Based Software and Big Data Analytics to Bring Drones to the Enterprise

DroneDeploy is an aerial mapping, image capture, and data analytics platform that is bringing drones to the Enterprise. The cloud-based software is

189: Stuart the Minion Cam: The New HD WiFi Pet Camera

Ever wonder what your furry pet friends do while you’re away from home? Stuart Cam delivers a personalized Pet Highlight Reel, giving

188: Why Reverb Is Creating A Squarespace For Music Retail

Since launching in 2013, David Kalt has been working side-by-side with his growing team to make the online marketplace the best

187: How Plethora Is Enabling The Future Of Manufacturing

The digital transformation has disrupted almost every industry but the digital revolution is now transforming the world of material things too. Plethora is

186: How Interactive Classroom Technology Is Enhancing Education Through Innovation

Could a combination of innovation, technology and a passion for education make a real difference to our world? Mark Elliott, CEO of Boxlight

185: Home Interior Design Plans Made Easy With A New Smartphone App

Time is the new currency in this digital age of instant gratification where even the personalization of our homes can be simplified.