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170: Why The Kickstarter for Waterproof, Breathable Pants Has Legs

You may have seen Legs Jacket by VEAR feature on cool gift guides over the last few weeks. Known as the Stylish Rain

169: How 31 Events Is Bringing Marketing Campaigns On Your Customer’s Calendar In One Click

31 Events is an email and web marketing calendar solution that leverages the use of Coupons and Tickets that embed into the

168: How Twilio and Two-Factor Authentication Intend To Kill The Password

Here smack bang in the middle of the holiday season, we hand over our card details to multiple vendors without giving it

167: Rick Chapman: Selling Steve Jobs Liver & 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters

I consider myself very fortunate is being able to interview established tech leaders and people at the beginning of their startup journey

166: Capital One is on Amazon Echo. Questions? Just ask Alexa.

Capital One seem to be leading with technology by recently launching a “how much did I spend?” skill to Amazon Echo. The

165: How Giftagram Is Taking The Hassle Out Of Buying Gifts And Donating Toys

As we are right in the middle of the gift giving season, it seemed like a great idea to get the guys

164: Meet Huggle, The Platonic Social-Networking App That Puts Places Before Faces

Huggle lets you discover and connect with the people who go to the places you go and shows you the places you

163: How Fleetsmith Is Simplifying Mac Device Management

Stealth Mac management startup Fleetsmith recently launched with $3.1 million seed round. Deploying applications or forcing app and operating system updates to an

162: How StressBox Uses Mindfulness, Stress Intelligence, Epic Exercise & Positive Energy To De-Stress Professionals

StressBox is an up and coming holistic fitness brand that combines expressive boxing fitness, powerful life coaching and mindfulness all to incredible

161: How B&H Photo Video Provides A Seamless Omnichannel Experience

B&H is world renowned as the place to be for all your photo, video, pro audio and digital imaging needs. In 40

160: Moonlite, A Kickstarter Project That Turns Your Phone Into A Bedtime Story Projector

Natalie Rebot is a Google software engineer turned entrepreneur that has created a new device which can be used with your smartphone

159: How Silver Spring ‘s Smart Energy Platform Is The Power Behind Smart Cities and the Internet of Important Things

Michael Bell is an accomplished global executive with a demonstrated history of innovation, having spent more than 24 years in leadership and

158: How LiquiGlide Empties The Ketchup Bottle Everytime

LiquiGlide is revolutionizing the way liquids move. It is the first and only viable technology that allows viscous liquids to slide effortlessly.

157: How GoPuff Brings On-Demand Convenience Store Delivery To Your Door Within 30 Minutes

It’s another cold, wet and miserable night and you could find yourself hit by a wave of first world problems. You have

156: How Elation Health Put’s The Heart Back Into Health Care Tech

Elation Health has developed a cloud-based care platform built for physicians so they can focus on their patients and deliver high quality