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140: Shippo: The Shipping API For Ecommerce

As we enter the run up the holiday season, more and more people will be relying on Amazon Prime to deliver their

139: How Technology Is Enabling A Safety Culture

Any startup journey or dream career begins with a fascinating story of motivation before any business or lifestyle success is achieved. Rather than

138: Why This Entrepreneur Is Crowdfunding An Affordable Electric Car

Elon Musk’s Tesla electric cars are incredibly desirable but let’s be honest, they are way too expensive for most tastes. I recently

137: Need A Burner Phone? There’s An App For That

How many people have your personal mobile number? Apart from your friends, family and colleagues, there is a whole heap of people and

136: The World’s First Predictive A.I. Browser For Mobile

After teasing Ulli at Google and the Pioneer Summit last month, they are finally launching their free, AI-powered, one-thumb mobile browser in

135: How Data Science Education Is Preparing Students For New Job Roles

We often read headlines around how technology is destroying jobs, but there is another side to this modern tale that is not always

134: How The No Longer Virtual Conference Is Moving Online Connections To The Physical World

Many of us have created incredible online networks through a variety of platforms like LinkedIn and beBee. But, most have never met

133: CEO and Founder of Startup Malena Reveals The Positives Of AI Technology

This week Stephen Hawking revealed that artificial intelligence could be humanity’s greatest disaster, but thankfully Flynn Coleman offered balance when she advised

132: A Smart Dog Collar That Tracks Activity, Location, Temperature and Adventures

Description The company, Link AKC, is a pet tech company at the crossroads of fashion, science, dogs and wearables. The company is

131: Relationship Science Opens Exclusive Database of Influential People & Companies To All

New Features Information Not Available Anywhere Else, Enabling Anyone to Turn Their Relationships Into Competitive Edge. Any business owners listening to

130: How Loopback Analytics Is Improving Patient Care Through Big Data Analytics

With the healthcare space seeking to furnish patients with educative information and empower them to make better healthcare decisions, new companies are

129: Lease A Car From Your Phone With The Honcker App In Just Three Swipes

Apps such as Uber have not only disrupted entire industries but have raised our expectations. If we can now hail a cab

128: Jon Loew CEO of Vift, and KeepTree, Shares His Inspirational Story

Have you ever been hit by a virus and been prescribed antibiotics? I suspect you have. But before you say nothing to

127: Bvddy – The Story Behind The Tinder For Sports App

Former tennis pro, Pedro Ast, followed in his father’s footsteps up until his late teen years. Despite his sporting achievements, Ast wanted

126: Betabrand: The Crowdfunded Clothing Designed By The Online Community

Brian Moylan best described Betabrand when he wrote “The company that’s using viral humor and uncensored crowdsourcing to create the future of

125: How Qylur Intelligent Systems Is Improving Both Security and the Customer Experience

Anyone that’s recently attended a stadium or arena to see a concert, football game or even conference will have noticed a huge

124: How Zenvoy Enables Users To Obtain Business Opportunities and Meaningful Connections

Zenvoy is the business matchmaking platform that, like a dating site, introduces people who should meet. Users complete a profile and a

123: Listener Question Time: Arnie McKinnis

Arnie McKinnis has a question for the Tech Blog Writer…. As I continue to chase my freedom and dreams, Arnie wants to know

122: Why FreshRealm Is Much More Than An Innovative Meal Kit

A quick look around any office at lunchtime will see a few people trying their best to be healthy by tucking into

121: itslearning: Why This Cloud-Based Learning Management System (LMS) Is Top of the EdTech Class

As we enter the holiday season, kids across the globe will be preparing to forget about school during the winter break. Unless