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27: Will Innovation Make Your Home Smarter?

It often feels like we have been talking about the impending arrival of the infamous internet of things (IoT) for as long

26: It’s Time For That Father and Son Chat…

We often hear about how businesses are trying to understand Millenials, but I got news for you, they are now hitting their

Why Personalisation is the Future of eCommerce

Amazon and eBay have been leading the way in e-commerce for many years. Many will attribute their success to offering the consumer

Learning and Development Technology Trends

We all have unique learning styles and access information in different ways. For example, a lot of kids like to learn by

25: CES 2016 Overview

The 2016¬†Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas unveiled many mouth watering products this year and have dedicated this week’s show to offer

24: Personalized Learning and Apple’s Plan to Drop the Headphone Jack

Episode 24 of the Tech Blog Writer Podcast discusses how Gamification, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Online, Mobile and Personalized Learning are the